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Yokogawa CA12E Handy Temperature Calibrator

Handy Temperature Calibrator

Temperature Calibrator Signal source: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000
Measurement: TC (10 kinds), RTD, DC100 mV, 4000
Options: CA12E-2 Includes rubber boot, strap and accessory case

Simulator of Common Thermocouples and RTD Sensors-  Outputs a signal equivalent to signals of ten types of thermocouple K, E, J, T, N, S, B, L, M and R as well as Pt100 resistance temperature detector. Suitable for a broad range of applications such as maintenance of industrial process instruments and various thermometers.
Multi-range Thermometer- Can be used as a multi-range thermometer. Three-wire RTD connection for an RTD is possible.
Built-in Sensor for Reference Junction Compensation- Reference junction compensation when generating a thermocouple signal can
be performed by the built-in temperature sensor. For more precise compensation, use the external RJC sensor (model B9108WA, sold separately).
Shift Key- Selects temperature” or RTD” unit.
Terminal Adapter- Provides screw terminals for connecting a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple and RTD when measuring temperature. When generating an RTD signal, a three-wire RTD signal can be output using the lead cables that come with the CA12E by short-circuiting the Lo-Lo terminals using the short-circuit bar that also comes with the CA12E.

Power supply Four 1.5-V alkaline batteries (ANSI AA-size) or dedicated AC adapter (sold separately)
Life of Batteries Approximately 55 hours
Automatic Power-off Approximately 10 minutes (Can be canceled by DIP switch setting)
Generation Signal By four-digit up/down keys
Level Setting Response of generator (400Ω and RTD range) : Approximately 20 milliseconds (from when the specified current is applied until when the output level falls within the specified accuracy)
Applied Voltage 42 V peak or less between each terminal and ground
Measurement display Approximately 1 update/sec.
update interval
7 segments LCD
Operating temperature/ humidity range 0 to 50°C and 20 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature/ humidity range -20 to 50°C and 90%RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions Approximately 192 (W) 92 (H) 42 (D) mm (Excluding protrusions)
Weight Approximately 440 g (including batteries)
Accessories Lead cable

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