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Yarway Series C-500 and 546 Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps
Series C-500 and 546

Designed for condensate removal in high pressure industrial, electric utility and marine systems, Yarway supplies a range of compact and easily maintained thermodynamic traps.

Substantially smaller than comparable mechanical traps for high pressure application, the Yarway traps occupy minimal space in the piping. Heavy duty structural support is not required. Operation involves only a single moving part.

Ease of replacement of working internals also simplifies changing of capacity of any one trap merely by shifting to a differently rated set of internals.

Applicable Codes and Standards:
Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC-39.1. End connections per ANSI B16.11 for socket-welding ends.

How to Specify and Order:
Typical Specification – The trap shall be Piston Valve Quick Change Trim Integral Strainer Impulse® Trap. and shall require neither bucket, bellows nor bimetallic element for operation.    

(1) Designate size of end connections.
(2) Designate figure number.
(3) Designate trap internals.
(4) Designate “R” for commercial.
(5) Specify if ½” socket-weld strainer blowdown is required.

Example: 1” 546 ASWR 
*Back pressure: to 25% of inlet psia

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