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Yarway Series 711/721 Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps
Series 711/721

The Series 711/721 Unibody Plus disc trap is designed for light load applications such as steam tracing, steam line drip, and turbine drain. These traps are fully renewable in-line, energy efficient and easy to check.

The 711 is a simple straightway body. The 721 is a straightway body and has an integral wye strainer and blowoff valve. Both bodies accept the same renewal capsules without removing the bodies from the line. The standard capsule performs best when applied in service up to 450 psig. The HP capsule has been designed for 150-650 psig service to handle low load superheat service conditions.

Applicable Codes and Standards:
Pressure rating per ANSI/FCI-69-1. Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC- 39.1. End connections per ANSI B1.20.1 for threaded ends, per ANSI B16.11 for socket-welding ends.

How to Specify and Order:
Typical Specification- Trap shall be inline renewable ‘zero steam loss’ disc-type thermodynamic trap with low carbon (0.15% max.) Chrome Moly body in ASME SA-182 Gr. F-11 and stainless steel trim. End connections shall be threaded or socket-welding. Trap shall have replaceable capsule.

When specifying Series 721, add "Trap shall have an integral strainer with stainless steel screen and integral blow-off valve."

Design: 600 psig, 750°F
Operating: 4 to 450 psig/750°F
711HP/721HP only:
Design: 650 psig, 750°F
Operating: 150 to 650 psig/750°F
Back pressure to 80% of inlet, psia
Parts and Materials:  
Body: Chrome Moly, 0.15% max C
ASMF SA-182 Gr. F-11
Seat Gasket:
Clad Non-Asbestos
Stainless Steel
ASTM A-582 Type 416
Stainless Steel HT
Stainless Steel
Retaining Ring:
Stainless Steel 17-7 PH
Stainless Steel HT
Screen: Stainless Steel 0.020 perf.
Cap Gasket:
Blowdown Seat:
416 Stainless Steel
Retaining Ring:
17-7 PH Stainless Steel
Blowdown Body:
416 Stainless Steel
Blowdown Valve:
416 Stainless Steel
Strainer Cap:
416 Stainless Steel
Plug 3/8 NPT:
Carbon Steel A-105
Blank Strainer Cap: Stainless Steel

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