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Yarway Series 460 and 515 Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps
Series 460 and 515

The Yarway High Pressure Integral Strainer Trap is designed with Quick Change Trim (QCT) using the proven variable orifice (piston) internals. These traps are designed for a variety of high pressure applications found in utility, industrial and marine service. 

The small, lightweight design and broad range of operating pressures are among the many advantages when compared to mechanical traps of the same pressure rating. In addition, the QCT design is renewable in-line with factory set and assembled internals without the need to disturb the piping.

Applicable Codes and Standards Pressure ratings per ANSI/FCI-69-1. Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC-39.1. End connections per ANSI B16.11

How to Specify and Order:
Typical Specifications – The trap shall be Variable Orifice Piston Valve, Quick Change Trim, Integral Strainer, Impulse® Trap and shall require neither bucket, bellows nor bimetallic element for operation (option - ½” socketwelding ends).

(1) Designate size of end connections
(2) Designate figure number
(3) Designate trap internals

Back Pressure Ratings:
Back pressure to 25% as factory set for Series 460 and 515; back pressure to 55% for Series 460 with field removal of split washer. Back pressures are based on absolute pressure.

Typical applications include steam main drip, turbine drain, soot blower, steam separator, fuel, water, air heater and preheater, protection of expansion joints or loops, and control valve.

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