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Yarway Series 40 and 40D Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Process Thermodynamic Steam Traps
Series 40 and 40D

The Series 40 and 40D is designed for use in industrial process applications for pressures up to 600 psi and condensate loads to 80,000 lb/hr.

Applicable Codes and Standards:
Pressure ratings per ANSI/FCI-69-1. Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC-39.1. End connections per ANSI B1.20.1. for threaded ends, per ANSI B16.11 for socketwelding ends, and per ANSI B16.5 for flanged ends.

How To Size:
Required Steam Trap Flow Rate = Maximum expected condensate load (lb/hr) x Safety Load Factor. A Safety Load Factor of 2-4 is usually recommended. Then select a trap from the condensate capacity chart. Do not size based on end connection.

How to Specify, Order and Install:
Typical Specification – The trap shall be thermodynamic lever valve type requiring neither bucket, float, bellows, nor bimetallic element, with stainless steel internals and chrome moly body and bonnet.

Specify trap size and series. Threaded end connections are standard; socketwelding or flanged ends are available. Repair kits are supplied as sets of matched parts (lever valve, seat, gaskets). Order by size and series. Installation Install trap bonnet up in a horizontal position. Pitch lines to and from trap for gravity drainage.

Ratings (Design: FCI Class 600):   
Series: Size: Pressure Range, psi [bar]: Maximum Temperature, °F: Back Pressure:
40D ½ and ¾ 2 to 600 750° Operates against back
pressure at trap outlet
up to 40% of pressure
at trap inlet. Based on
absolute pressure when
trap is discharging.  
40D 1 5 to 600 750°
40 1½, 2, 3 20 to 600 750°

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