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Yarway Series 29 Disc Trap Non-Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps

Non-Repairable Drip and Tracer Steam Traps
Series 29 Disc Trap

Series 29 traps retain all the essential benefits of disc trap performance – they are compact, easy to install, self-draining and unaffected by water hammer or freezing, while providing the economy of integral seat design. Constructed of all stainless steel, the trap has only three parts; disc, body and bonnet. Simplification, made possible by incorporating the trap sear in the body, results in lowest possible cost per unit.

Generally recommended for application with open discharge, where the trap is easily installed on the pipe line. The 3/8" size is recommended for steam tracing; the 1/2" 29 and 3/4" 29A sizes for steam line drips and 1" traps are recommended for heavier process loads.

The time tested thermodynamic principle of the Series 29 disc trap makes it highly efficient. Because the trap closes on flashed condensate, live steam is NOT consumed during normal operation.


Operating: 4-600 psi, 750°F. Recommended for optimum service life limit to 300 psi operation.

Allowable Back Pressures:
3/8", 1/2" 29 and 3/4" 29A to 70% of inlet psia. 3/4", 1" 29 to 50% of inlet psia.

Applicable Codes and Standards:
Pressure rating per FCI-69-1. Performance testing per ANSI/ASME PTC-39.1. End connections per ANSI B1.20.1 for threaded ends.

How to Specify and Order:
Typical Specification – Traps shall be all stainless steel constructions, tilting disc type, thermodynamic trap.

Designate size and series number of trap.

Parts and Materials:   
Body and Seat:
Series 400
Stainless Steel
Seat area heat treated
Stainless Steel, ASME SA-582, Type 416
Stainless Steel HT

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