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Warren Controls Series 1800 Heavy Duty Globe Control Valves

Heavy Duty Globe Control Valves
Series 1800

Warren Controls Series 1800 Heavy Globe Control Valves feature rugged high capacity bodies of iron, steel, or stainless steel with a variety of trim materials and port sizes. The equal percentage and linear plugs in the 2-way valves and linear plugs in the 3-way valves provide excellent modulating control of a wide variety of fluids. The Series 1800 is ideally suited where value and long life are important objectives for applications including but not limited to the Chemical, District Energy, Food & Beverage, General Service, Marine, Power, and Refining industries with temperatures from -20 to 800ºF, severe service, high pressure drops, and corrosive fluids.

1840 Two-Way Single Seat Unbalanced Valve

The most commonly applied solution with ANSI Class IV shutoff.

1850 Three-Way Mixing Valve

This valve has two inlets and one outlet, and is the simplest solution for mixing or bypass applications with ANSI Class IV shut-off. In normal applications the inlet pressures are near equal and control is possible from 5% to 95% of travel with inlet pressures up to 300 PSI. In the 1/2 through 2 inch sizes, the flow can be reversed for diverting if this port configuration is desirable.

1843 Two-Way Single Seat Cylinder Balanced Valve

A balanced valve that is an effective solution for higher pressures. It requires less force to operate than unbalanced valves so smaller actuators can be used. Its single seat o-ring seal design facilitates ANSI Class IV shut-off. It is limited to cleaner fluids.

1852 Three-Way Diverting/Mixing Valve

Designed as a diverting valve with one inlet and two outlets with ANSI Class II shutoff. However, flow can be reversed for mixing if this port configuration is desirable. The difference between the upper port and lower port pressure must not exceed 50PSID.

Sizes 1/2 to 12 in.
Class 250 & 300
Ends 125 FF, 150, 250, 300 RF flg
Body Cast Iron, CF8M, WCB, Bronze (ASTM B61)
Trim 316 SST, Alloy 6
Cv up to 1649
Temp. -20˚ to 800˚F
Body limit to 740 psi
Shutoff class III, IV
Rangeability 50:1

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