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8262H001 120/60,110/501/8IN NC 120VAC 2WAY 21959Check Availability
8262H002 12/DCASCO VLV 2WY, NCCheck Availability
8262H002 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVEIn Stock
8262H002 24/60ASCO VALVEIn Stock
8262H002 24/DC2W NC ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H002 240/60,220/501/8 IN 2WY NC DIRECT ACTING (20393)Check Availability
8262H002J 120/601/8IN, NEOPRENE O-RING, N/C, AIR/INERT GACheck Availability
8262H002MB 120/60, 110/50ASCO 2W SOL VALVE WITH MOUNTING BRACKETCheck Availability
8262H002V 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H006 24/60 ACASCO SOLENOID 2-WAY, NCCheck Availability
8262H006 120/60,110/50ASCO 2W NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H006 24/60 VAC1/8IN NC 24/60VAC 2-WAYCheck Availability
8262H006 24/DC1/8 IN NC 2W 24VDCCheck Availability
8262H006J 24VDC1/8 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
8262H007 120/60,110/50MSA 20401 1/4 IN NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H007 24/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H011V 120/60,110/501/8 VALVE VITON SEALSCheck Availability
8262H013 120/60,110/501/4 IN 2W N/C 120VCheck Availability
8262H013 24 VDC2W N/C 24VDC GENERAL SREVICE VALVECheck Availability
8262H013J 24/60ASCO 2W N/C 1/4NPT VALVE UNITCheck Availability
8262H013N 120/60,110/502W NC ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H013T 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H014 12/DC1/8 IN, 2 WAY, N/C, BRASSCheck Availability
8262H014 120/60,110/501/8 IN 2WAY NC 120/60Check Availability
8262H014 24/DCASCO 24VDC, 2W, NC, 3/32IN ORFICECheck Availability
8262H016 12/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVE 12 VDCCheck Availability
8262H016 24/60ASCO 2WAY NC 1/8 INCheck Availability
8262H019 12 VDCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H019 120/60,110/50ASCO 2-W BRASS, 1/4NPT NCCheck Availability
8262H019 24/DC1.4IN 2W NC BRASSCheck Availability
8262H020 12/DC1/4 IN, 2W, NC, BRASS BODY, ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H020 120/60,110/50VALVE UNIT 2W NC 1/4NPT BRASS VALVECheck Availability
8262H020 24/602W NC BRASS 1/4NPT 24VACCheck Availability
8262H020 24/DC2W NC BRASS 1/4NPT BRASS VALVECheck Availability
8262H020 240/60,220/501/4 IN NC 2W 240VACCheck Availability
8262H021J 24/602W N/C 1/4NPT VALVE UNITCheck Availability
8262H021V 120/601/4 120V N C FUEL OIL SOLONOIDCheck Availability
8262H022 12/DCASCO 2W N.C. 1/4 NPTCheck Availability
8262H022 120/60,110/50ASCO 2 WAY, NCCheck Availability
8262H022 24/602W NC 1/4IN NPTCheck Availability
8262H022 24/DCASCO 2W NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H022 240/60,220/502W NC 1/4NPT BRASS VALVECheck Availability
8262H022 480/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H022J 24/602W N/C 1/4NPT VAVLE UNITCheck Availability
8262H022N 120/60,110/501/4IN 2-WAY, NC OXYGEN CLEANCheck Availability
8262H022V 120/60ASCO 1/4 2WAY NCCheck Availability
8262H023 480/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H023J 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H036 120/60,110/502W NC 1/4NPT ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H036 220/601/4IN 2WY NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H036MB 120/60,110/502W NC 1/4NPT W/BRACKET ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H038 120/60,110/501/4 IN 2WY NC SS DIRECT ACT VLVCheck Availability
8262H038VH 120/60,110/502WY, NC. SS BODY, VAC.SERVICE,1/4NPT,Check Availability
8262H077 120/60ASCO 2 WAY NC 1/8 IN. BRASS BODYCheck Availability
8262H077Q 120/60,110/50ASCO 22 NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H078 120/60,110/501/4 IN NC 2W ASCO VALVE 110V ACCheck Availability
8262H080 120/60,110/50VALVE UNIT - 2W NCCheck Availability
8262H080E 24/DC1/4 IN ST.ST. BODY 2 WAY NCCheck Availability
8262H080V 24/DCASCO 24VDC 2W NCCheck Availability
8262H086 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H086 24/DC2W NC 1/4NPT SS ASCO VLV 24DCCheck Availability
8262H086J 24VDC1/4 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
8262H090 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN N.C. SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H090 240/60ASCO 1/4 N.C. 240/60Check Availability
8262H090 240/60, 220/50ASCO VALVE UNIT 2W NC BRASS 1/4NPTCheck Availability
8262H090 480/60SOLENOID VLV 1/4IN 2WAY 480V NC 15PSICheck Availability
8262H090 E 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 120VACCheck Availability
8262H090MBVH 120/60ASCO 1/4 IN 2 WAY NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H090VH 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H090VH 120/60,110/502W NC 1/4 IN VALVECheck Availability
8262H090VH 24/DC1/4 IN NC 2W SOLENOID VALVE, VACUUM SERVCheck Availability
8262H090VVH 120/60ASCO SOLENIOD VALVECheck Availability
8262H108 120/602W 1/4IN VALVE FOR LT OIL 120VACCheck Availability
8262H110 24/DCASCO 2 WAY SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H110B 240/60,220/50Valve Unit - 2W NCCheck Availability
8262H110LT 120/60,110/50ASCO,1/4 IN 2 WAY N.C. CRYOGENIC VALVECheck Availability
8262H111 120/60, 110/502W, N/ 1/4 NPT SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H112 24/DC2W NC 1/ NPT 24VDC COILCheck Availability
8262H112 480/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE, 2W, NCCheck Availability
8262H113 115/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H113 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H113T 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H114 120/60, 110/502W NC 1/4IN 125 PSI DIRECT ACTING VALVECheck Availability
8262H114LT 120/60,110/50CRYOGENIC 2 WAY VALVE NC 120/60 VACCheck Availability
8262H114LT 240/60,220/50CRYOGENIC 2 WAY VALVE 240/60Check Availability
8262H128 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 120/60Check Availability
8262H129 120/602-WAY, NO, ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H130 24/DC1/4 IN 2 W NO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H130N 120/60,110/501/4IN 2W NO DIRECT ACTINGCheck Availability
8262H138 120/60, 110/502WAY NORMALLY OPEN 8262 VALVECheck Availability
8262H138 24/60ASCO 2WAY NORMALLY OPEN VALVECheck Availability
8262H142 120/601/4 IN N/O ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
8262H142E 120/60 110/50ASCO SOLENOID 1/4 NPT, SS BODY, N/OCheck Availability
8262H142N 120/60,110/501/4 SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H152 24/DC2W NC SS 1/4NPT VALVE ASCOCheck Availability
8262H152VH 120/60,110/502W N/O SS BODY VAC. SERVICE, 1/4 NPTCheck Availability
8262H161 120/60ASCO 20V NO VALVECheck Availability
8262H162 120/60,110/50ASCO 2W N/O 1/4NPT BRASS VALVECheck Availability
8262H164 120/60,110/501/4IN 2W NO SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H164 24VDC1/4 IN 2W NO ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H176 24/DC1/8IN 24VDC NC ASCO SOLONOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H185T 24 VDCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H186 24/DCASCO VALVE 2W NCCheck Availability
8262H187 12/DC1/4 IN NC SS SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H187 24/DCASCO VALVE UNIT 2W NC 1/4 NPT SSCheck Availability
8262H188 120/60,110/501/4 INCH NPT 2W N/C STAINLESS STEEL BODYCheck Availability
8262H188P 120/60,110/50ASCO 2W NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H200 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H200 24/DC1/4 IN NC 2W ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H202 120/60,110/50MSA 22002 1/4IN NC VALVEIn Stock
8262H202 24/DCASCO 2 WAY, NORM CLOSED SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H202 240/60,220/50ASCO 1/4IN, 2WY, NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H202 480/60 440/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H202E 120/60,110/501/4IN, 2WAY 120VACCheck Availability
8262H202MB 120/60,110/502W N/C BRASS 1/4 NPTCheck Availability
8262H202MBMS 120/60ASSCO 1/4 2WAY W. MTG BRACKET / MAN OPECheck Availability
8262H202P 120/60ASCO BRASS RED HAT VALVE- 120V-2 WAYCheck Availability
8262H202T 120/60,110/501/4IN NC TEFLON TRIM SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H202V 120/60,110/50Valve Unit - 2W NCCheck Availability
8262H208 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4IN NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H208 24/60ASCO 1/4 IN 2W N/C 24 VACCheck Availability
8262H208 24/DC2 WAY 1/4 NPT, NC 24VDC COILCheck Availability
8262H208 240/60,220/501/4 2W NC BRASS BODY VALVECheck Availability
8262H208LT 24VDCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H208V 120/60,110/501/4IN NC VALVEIn Stock
8262H208V 240/60,220/50ASCO SOLENOID 240/60,220/50 VACCheck Availability
8262H208V 480/60,440/50ASCO SOLENOID 1/4 IN 480VACCheck Availability
8262H210 120/60,110/50MSA 22012 1/4 IN NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H210 24/DC1/4IN 2WAY NC 24/DC SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H210LT 120/60,110/50ASCO CRYOGENIC SERVICE, 1/4 2W NC 22104Check Availability
8262H210LT 24/60ASCO VALVE 3/4 2WAYCheck Availability
8262H210N 120/601/4 BRASS, 2W, NC 120 VAC OXYGENCheck Availability
8262H212 120/60,110/501/4IN, 2 WAY, N/C, BRASSCheck Availability
8262H212 24/60ASCO 1/4 IN 2W NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H212 240/60 220/50ASCO SOLENOID NC, 1/4 BRASSCheck Availability
8262H212 6/DCASCO 2W NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H212V 240/60,220/50ASCO 2-WAY DIRECT ACTING VALVECheck Availability
8262H214 120/601/4IN N/C 2-WAY ASCOCheck Availability
8262H214 120/60, 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H214 24/60ASCO 2 WAY SOLENOID, 24/60 VACCheck Availability
8262H214 240/601/4IN N/C 2-WAY ASCOCheck Availability
8262H220 120/60,110/50VALVECheck Availability
8262H220MB 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVE ***WITH MOUNTING BRACKET***Check Availability
8262H226 120/60,110/502W N/C VALVE UNIT 1/4 NPT STAINLESS STEECheck Availability
8262H226E 120/60, 110/50ASCO 2W, N.C. SOLENOID VALVE, SS BODYCheck Availability
8262H226MS 120/60ASCO SS 2 WAY SOLENOIDCheck Availability
8262H226N 120/60,110/502W N/C 1/4NPT SS BODY OXYGEN SERVICECheck Availability
8262H226T 120/602 WAY 1/4IN N/C 75# TEFLONCheck Availability
8262H230 120/60,110/501/4IN 2WAY N/C STAINLESSCheck Availability
8262H230 24/601/4IN 2-WAY N/C STAIMLESS 24VACCheck Availability
8262H230 24/DC14IN 2W NC SS ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H230 240/60 , 220/50ASCO 1/4 SS NC SOLONOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H230 480/60 ACASCO SOLENIOD VALVECheck Availability
8262H230NVMS 120/60,110/501/4IN N/C 2WAY OXYGEN SERVCheck Availability
8262H230V 24/60ASCO 2WY, 1/4IN, SS BODY, NC VALVECheck Availability
8262H232 120/60,110/501/4 2W NC 120VCheck Availability
8262H232LT 120/60,110/50ASCO 2W, NC, 1/4 in 120/60, 110/50Check Availability
8262H232LT 24/DCASCO 2W NC 1/4IN CRYOCheck Availability
8262H232LT 240/60ASCO 2W NC 1/4 IN CRYOCheck Availability
8262H232NASCO VALVE W/ OXYGEN CLEANCheck Availability
8262H232Q 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN. NPT 2 WAY, NC, BRASS BODY,Check Availability
8262H232Q 24/601/4IN, 2W, NC, BRASS SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H237 120/60,110/50ASCO 2 WAY SOLENOID S/S BODYCheck Availability
8262H260 120/60,110/50VALVE UNIT - 2W NOCheck Availability
8262H260 24/DCASCO 2W NO 1/4NPT BRASS VALVE 24/DCCheck Availability
8262H261 120/60, 110/50ASCO 2W N/O 1/4NPT VALVE UNITCheck Availability
8262H261 24/DCASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H261 240/60,220/50ASCO VALVECheck Availability
8262H262 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H262V 12/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVE 12/DC NO 1/4INCheck Availability
8262H262V 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN N.O. SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
8262H263 120/60,110/501/4 IN N/O ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
8262H263 24/DCASCO 1/4IN 2-WAY NOCheck Availability
8262H264 120/60, 110/50ASCO 1/4 IN NO 2 WAYCheck Availability
8262H264 12/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVE 12VDCCheck Availability
8262H265 120/60,110/501/4 IN NO MINI BRS VLV(20510)120Check Availability
8262H265 24/DCASCO 2W, 1/4IN VALVE, 24DC, N/OCheck Availability
8262H265VH 120/60,110/501/4 INCH 2 WAY NO 120/60 110/50 VALVECheck Availability
8262H265VH 24/DCASCO 1/4 IN NO VALVE 24VDCCheck Availability
8262H265VH 480/60ASCO 2W NOCheck Availability
EF8262H002 120/60,110/50120/60 VAC 1/8 IN 2WAYIn Stock
EF8262H006 120/60ASCO EXP PROOFCheck Availability
EF8262H007V 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 120/60Check Availability
EF8262H014 120/60,110/501/8in,2-WAY, NC EXPLOSIONPROFFCheck Availability
EF8262H020 120/60ASCO SOL VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H022 120/60,110/501/4IN NC ASCO VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H038 120/60, 110/501/4IN, 2WAY. NC ASCO VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H078 120/60 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H086 120/60,110/501/4 2WAY SS BODYCheck Availability
EF8262H086 24/DCASCO 1/4IN VALVE 2W NCCheck Availability
EF8262H086T 24/DCASCO 2W N.C.1/4 EXPL. PROOF W/ PTFE SEATCheck Availability
EF8262H086V 240/60,220/501/4 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
EF8262H090V 120/601/4 IN. XPRF 2 WAYCheck Availability
EF8262H110 24 VDC1/4 INCH, NC, BRASS 24 VDC XPROOF COILCheck Availability
EF8262H110B 110/60ASCO VALVE UNIT 2W NCCheck Availability
EF8262H110B 120/601/4 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
EF8262H134 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVE, 2W/NOCheck Availability
EF8262H134 24/DC1/4IN, 2 WAY, NO, DIRECT ACTING VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H134 240/601/4IN, 2 WAY, N.O., DIRECT ACTING VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H138 120/60,110/501/4 NORMALLY OPEN EX PROOF 2 W SOL.VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H138 24/DC1/4INCH, 2-WAY, NO, ASCO SOLENOIDCheck Availability
EF8262H138V 120/60,110/501/4 IN N/O ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
EF8262H142 120/60,110/501/4IN 2WAY NO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H148V 120/60 110/50ASCO ValveCheck Availability
EF8262H200 24/DC1/4 IN NC 2W ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H202 120/60,110/50MSA 22003 1/4 IN NC XPRF7 VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H202N 24/DCMSA 22003 1/4 IN NC XPRF7 Valve OxygenCheck Availability
EF8262H208 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN , 2W, N.C. EXPL PROOFCheck Availability
EF8262H210 120/60, 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H210N 120/601/4 BRASS, 2WAY, XPROOF 120 VAC OXYGENCheck Availability
EF8262H212 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 1/4 IN NPT, 2W N.C.Check Availability
EF8262H220 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H226 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H226 120/60,110/50120VAC XP 1/4 IN NC SSCheck Availability
EF8262H226V 120/60,110/501/4 X 7/32 NC SS XPRF7 VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H226V 120/60,110/60ASCO 1/4IN, 2WY, NC VLVCheck Availability
EF8262H230 120/60, 110/50ASCO 2W NC SOLENOIDCheck Availability
EF8262H230NV 120/60, 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H230V 220/50ASCO 1/4IN SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H230V 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID 1/4IN 2WY NCCheck Availability
EF8262H230V 240/60, 220/50ASCO 1/4 SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H232N 120/60,110/50ASCO EXP PROOF SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EF8262H263 120/60,110/501/4 IN NO EXP (20507)Check Availability
EFHBL8262H230 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
EFHT8262H007 120/60,110/501/4IN, 2 WAY, NCCheck Availability
EFHT8262H202 120/601/4 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
EFHTL8262H007 120/60,110/501/4IN, 2 WAY, NC, 72IN LEADCheck Availability
EFL8262H186E 24VDCASCO 2W NC VALVECheck Availability
EFL8262H232N 120/60, 110/501/4IN, 72INCH LEADS, EXPLOSION PROOFCheck Availability
EFL8262H232N 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
GP8262H002 120/60ASCO 2 WAY BRASSCheck Availability
GP8262H077Q 220/50ASCO 1/8 IN 2W, N.C. PANEL MTG VALVECheck Availability
GP8262H208 120/60,110/50Valve Unit - 2W NCCheck Availability
GP8262H262 120/60ASCO PANEL MT VALVECheck Availability
HC8262H022 125/DCASCO 2W N/C 1/4NPT BRASS VALVE UNITCheck Availability
HC8262H186 125/DCASCO 2-WAY NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
HT8262H007N 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVE 120/60 110/50Check Availability
HT8262H208V 120/60ASCO HI TEMP SOLENOID 120 VACCheck Availability
HT8262H262 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 2W NOCheck Availability
JB8262H013 120/60,110/501/4 NPT 2WAY N/CCheck Availability
JBEF8262H007 24/DC1/4INCH ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JBX8262H007 18928 24/60ASCO 2-WAY, NC, 24/60 SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKB8262H023 24/DC1/4IN 2W NC BRASS 24VDCCheck Availability
JKB8262H183MS 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 120/60, 110/50Check Availability
JKB8262H185E 24/DCASCO 1/4INCH 2-WAY, NC SOLENOID BODYCheck Availability
JKB8262H185EMS 24/DCASCO 1/4INCH, 2-WAY NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKB8262H187 24/DC1/4 2W NC VALVE 24VDC COILCheck Availability
JKF8262H007 120/60,110/501/4IN 2WAY N/C 120VACCheck Availability
JKF8262H007E 120/60,110/501/4INCH, 2WAY, NC, ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKF8262H202 120/60,110/501/4 IN. 2 WAY NC 120VAC W/JUNCT. BOXCheck Availability
JKF8262H226 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKF8262H232N 120/60,110/50Valve Unit - 2W NCCheck Availability
JKH8262H007 24/DC1/4INCH ASCO SOLENOIDCheck Availability
JKH8262H080 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKH8262H184MS 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVEIn Stock
JKH8262H261 120/601/4 2WAY BRASS 120 VACCheck Availability
JKP8262H230 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
JKP8262H230E 24/60ASCO 24VAC/60 1/4 IN, 2W, N.C., VALVECheck Availability
JSF8262H002 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
L8262H202E 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
L8262H208E 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 2W NCCheck Availability
L8262H210E 120/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 120/60, 72IN LEADCheck Availability
OFKF8262H138MB 120/60, 110/50ASCO VALVE UNITCheck Availability
OFKF8262H220MB 120/60, 110/50ASCO VALVE UNITCheck Availability
OFSF8262H002 24/601/8 IN 2W NC ASCO SOL 24/60Check Availability
OFSF8262H090 24/601/4 IN 2WAY NC ASCO SOL 24/60 VDCCheck Availability
OFSP8262H105 120/60ASCO SOLENOIDCheck Availability
OFST8262H002 12/DCASCO 1/8 IN 2 WAY NC 12/DCCheck Availability
OPKF8262H006 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
OPSF8262H002 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/8 IN 2W, N.C. SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
OPSF8262H022 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
OPSF8262H220 120/601/4 SS SPADE TERMINAL SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H001 120/60,110/50ASCO 2WAY, N/C 1/8IN 120VACCheck Availability
SC8262H019 120/60 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVE, N/CCheck Availability
SC8262H020 24/60ASCO 2 WAY NCCheck Availability
SC8262H022 120/60, 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H022 24/60ASCO 2W NC SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H036 24 VDCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H038VH 24/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE VH 24/60Check Availability
SC8262H086V 120/60, 110/50ASCO VALVE 1/4 IN NCCheck Availability
SC8262H090 120/60ASCO 1/2 IN NC SOLENOID VALVE DIN CONNCheck Availability
SC8262H090 24/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE VH 24/60Check Availability
SC8262H180 120/60,110/50ASCO F COIL WITH DIN CONNECTIONCheck Availability
SC8262H200 120/60,110/50ASCO 1/4 IN SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H202 120/60,110/50ASCO 2WY NCCheck Availability
SC8262H202E 120/60,110/501/4 X 5/32 IN, NC, 2 WAY, BRASSCheck Availability
SC8262H202N 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVE UNIT 2W NCCheck Availability
SC8262H208 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVE W/ DIN CONNECTOR 120/60Check Availability
SC8262H214 24/60ASCO SOLENOID VALVE 2W NCCheck Availability
SC8262H226 120/60,110/501/4 IN, 2W, NCCheck Availability
SC8262H232 120/60,110/501/4 IN N/C 2W BRASS VLV 120 VACCheck Availability
SC8262H232E 120/60ASCO 2 WAY N/C 120/60 VACCheck Availability
SC8262H260 120/60 110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H262 120/60ASCO 1/4 120/60VAC VALVECheck Availability
SC8262H262V 120/60,110/50ASCO VALVECheck Availability
SD8262H113 120/60, 110/501/4 INC BRASS 2 WAY NCCheck Availability
SD8262H212 120/601/4 IN N/C ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
SD8262H212 120/60 110/501/4 IN NC ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
SD8262H212N 120/60,110/501/4IN NC 0-90# AirWtrLtOilCheck Availability
SD8262H230 120/60,110/50ASCO SOLENOID VALVE DIN CONNECTORCheck Availability
SU8262H006 24 VDCASCO SOLENOID VALVCheck Availability
SU8262H019 24/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H020 24/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H036 24/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H108 24DCASCO SOLENOID VALVE 1/4IN 24VDCCheck Availability
SU8262H202 24/DC24VDC ASCO VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H202E 24/DC24VDC ASCO VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H232 12VDC1/4IN direct acting normally closedCheck Availability
SU8262H260 24/DCASCO SOLENOID VALVECheck Availability
SU8262H262 24/DC1/4IN N/O ASCO 2-WAYCheck Availability
SV8262H187 24/DCASCO 24VDC VALVECheck Availability

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