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Temperature Measurement 101

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
  • Understanding RTD sensors - strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding Thermocouples - strengths and weaknesses
  • Selecting the correct temperature sensor for your application

Temperature measurement 101 will make for a great base starting point with anyone involved with temperature measurement. This webinar will help you understand the tradeoffs in temperature measurement, allowing you to select the optimal sensor for the application. Considerations include accuracy, operating range, speed of response, noise immunity and cost.

Precision temperature measurement and monitoring saves money, and in a tight market this can not be overlooked. Better products mean money savings and less waste.

Who should attend:

  • industrial engineers
  • instrument technicians
  • plant engineers

Harold Dorr has 20 years of hands on experience, mostly wtih boilers, steam generation and power plants. He has 15 years of experience with Industrial Controls and time spent at the Burns Factory. He is familiar with applications ranging from Ski slopes to submarines, from experimental projects to military machinery.

Bill Bergquist, Sr. Applications Engineer at Burns Engineering has been involved with aerospace, industrial, and laboratory temperature measurement for over 25 years in the roles of design, applications, and sales of platinum resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and transmitters.  He has a BS from Minnesota State University Moorhead in Industrial Technology Management with a Mechanical Engineering concentration.  Bill has presented numerous seminars on temperature measurement with RTDs and regularly broadcasts a webinar series entitled RTDology.

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