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Understanding Valve Metallurgy and Applications in Power Plants to Reduce Downtime and Rework Costs Webinar

Live Webinar:

January 20th 10:00 AM EST

January 21st 2:00 PM EST

Valve Codes and Ratings
Valve Metallurgy: What fits where?
Allowable Valve Leakage by Class
Installation Guidelines
Applying Gate, Globe Diaphragm, Butterfly, Ball, Eccentric Disc Valves Correctly
Applying Automation & Positioners

What You Will Learn:

This seminar will benefit beginning and intermediate level experienced Valve Techs to educate on the standards that exist within the valve industry today. You will learn what all the valve nomenclatures mean, how to apply them safely in their selection and performance within a power utility environment. These are the valve fundamentals that EVERY valve technician should know


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 January 20th:

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January 21st:

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Larry Boyd:
Larry has decades of experience in applying valve technology in Power Plants as well as other industrial environments. Larry, located in the Kentucky area, has worked with valve technicians and plant maintenance supervisors to assist in educating their personnel on maximizing valve performance in typical power plant applications. 

Who will attend:

  • Valve Technicians
  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Maintenance Supervisors
  • Consulting Engineers


Feature this resource?: 

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