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Why Meter Gas, Steam and Electric?

You can’t reduce energy usage without knowing where these valuable resources are being used. Many facilitiy managers are starting to allocate costs to the the end users of gas, steam, and electricity in their plant and buildings. Holding consumers of energy accountable for energy usage motivates them to conserve.

Flow meters for gas, steam and electric usage transmitters can send data to central networks that can monitor, trend, and archive rates and totals, and email individual departments or tenants their monthly usage.

Many states are mandating that yearly fuel flows be reported for gas and oil usage for each device that is capable of generating five million BTU’s per hour or more. Five million BTUs is equivalent to a 150 HP boiler.

meter on boiler

Electric submeters help facility managers track everything from common area usage and HVAC system performance to monitoring after-hours energy usage. Submeters provide detailed and accurate interval data snapshots of energy use.

Users are billed high kilowatt demand rates for an entire month or multiple months even if the demand only occurs for a 15-30 minute period during a given month. The key to avoiding these exorbitant costs is to identify peaks in usage and proactively take steps to reduce those peaks. Graphic profiling of individual or aggregated loads will pinpoint peak usage areas or equipment. With this data, facility managers are able to employ load controlling devices to set high/low thresholds, control loads and reduce energy costs.

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