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Product Highlight - Barksdale Pressure Switch for Compactors and Balers

Why Use Barksdale Pressure Switches Compactors and Balers:



Monitor and Control Pressure Compactors and balers are used across many industries to reduce the volume of generated waste and to bundle it into manageable units. Most compactors and balers use a HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) to power the ram that compresses the waste. The Barksdale C9612 pressure switch is an ideal mechanical switch to monitor/control processes in the HPU. The C9612 offers long life in a robust package, with a proven track record in compactors and balers. In a typical system, the operator loads the compactor with waste and activates the controller by pressing a lever or button. The controller activates a pump, causing hydraulic fluid to be pumped from a reservoir and through a valve to drive the mechanical ram using high pressure hydraulic force. When maximum pressure is reached the C9612 pressure switch is actuated, causing the controller to shut down the pump. The C9612 offers a single switch point. Many compactors and balers use a dual switch to control/monitor functions. For this, the C9622 is a good solution, offering all the features of the C9612 with two switchpoints. 



For smaller balers, the lower-cost 96201 compact switch is a good alternate solution. There are opportunities for other products as well. While electromechanical switches have been the standard in compactors and balers, pressure transducers have made inroads in recent years and are often used in higher-end systems for continuous monitoring and control. Many larger systems include an onboard PLC that interfaces with the transducer. Our 400 series and 600 series transducers are both good candidates. In addition, there are opportunities for level switches, temperature switches and valves to monitor and control the HPU. 


Did you know...
Both single and dual switches are available for the Series C9612 and C9622. One of Barksdale's customers needed a three-switch configuration which would allow the user to control two devices while using the third lower-amperage switch to signal an alarm or other monitoring device. Barksdale developed a three-switch version, satisfying the customer's needs. One of Barksdale's strengths is our customization capability.  




Fail-Safe Operation Single: [Pole Double Throw (SPDT)] Wired normally open or normally closed to make or break circuit based on rising or falling pressure

Easy set point Adjustment: [Tamper proof adjustment screw over] Allows quick set point adjustment while protecting against accidental readjustments

Operates in high EMI/RFI Environment: [Simple contact closure, no analog signal] RFI and EMI sources have no effect on switch

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