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Measure Flow the Simple Way... The GC52 Differential Pressure Transmitter Now with Flow Measurement Capability

The Ashcroft® GC52 wet-wet differentialpressure transmitter now includes featuresthat allow the instrument to provide directflow readings by measuring dp across arestriction. Simple push-button settings letthe user program the correlation betweenpressure and flow rate while the on-boardsquare root extraction calculation accuratelyyields a representative flow measurement.In addition, a flow totalization counter can beactivated to display the accumulated volumeof passed fluid.Ashcroft® is a registered trademark of Ashcroft Inc.The compact GC52 comes equipped withan integral equalization valve and can bescaled in the field, without the need for anexternal calibration device. Easy to set-upand install, the GC52 provides a highly costeffective means to acquire differential pressurebased flow measurements.


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