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Controlling Pumps with VFDs

If you are using valves to throttle water flow, your pumps are running at 100% force all of the time. You are wasting energy and creating unnecessary wear and tear on your system.

A more efficient way to control flow is by modulating motor speed with a VFD. In addition to controlling frequency, VFDs control voltage. By controlling both simultaneously, VFDs can speed up or slow down pumps and regulate the water pressure. With slow starts and steadily regulated pressure, VFDs offer as much as 87.5% savings when run at 1/2 motor speed.

The benefits of VFDs are now widely recognized. Many states now require them on all motors over 25 HP. Power companies typically offer rebates for new installation of VFDs on circulation pumps and other applications. Call Industrial Controls today for an analysis of how VFDs can save you energy.

pump efficiency curve

Benefits of VFDs:

  • Saves Energy
  • Extends motor life
  • More accurate control
  • Makes the process controllable
  • Decreases the load on the electrical network due to direct starts of motors

Case Study: Campus Circulation Pump

Webinar: Boosting Pump Efficiency With VFDs

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