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Controller Quickstart Online Series: Projects & Targets

This course can be accessed 24 hours a day! You control the time, the place, and the pace.


The Controller Quickstart Online Series provides an accessible introduction to topics focused on GE Fanuc Controllers and Proficy Machine Edition (ME) programming software. The Projects & Targets course is an entry-level offering focusing on multiple aspects of project and target configuration. This course will guide students through the rudiments of working with Proficy ME.

Who Should Attend:

Those who design, develop, deploy and maintain GE Fanuc control systems with Proficy Machine Edition.

What tasks will be taught in this class?

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define projects & targets
  • Create new projects
  • Add target components
  • Document a project
  • Delete a project or target
  • Share and collaborate on projects
  • Use project change management features


Feature this resource?: 

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