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Belimo Releases New Generation Spring Return Actuators

New Generation AFB, AFX, NFB and NFX series raises the bar for actuator quality, reliability and technical superiority.
  • 180 in-lb (AFB, AFX) and 90 in-lb (NFB, NFX) minimum torque; increased torque for larger applications.
  • Smaller housing for tight spaces and easier handling compared to comparable high torque actuators.
  • Faster motor run times with MFT technology; 70 seconds with AFB, AFX and 40 seconds with NFB, NFX.
  • Universal power supply (On/Off models only) can accept 24 VAC up to 240 VAC; one actuator for all voltages. No transformer available? No problem!
  • Manual override now standard on all models for faster installation and easier servicing.
More features in a smaller size.

New AFB, AFX, NFB and NFX packs in more features in a smaller package than before, about 25% smaller! Low power consumption, increased torque to 90 in-lbs (50% more compared to original NF series), and faster running times (with MFT technology) offer new solutions for control dampers, control valves and retrofit applications.

The New Generation spring return can also be integrated with new and certain existing Belimo accessories allowing for more options in both mounting and commissioning. A wide selection of clamping options, electrical connections and running times are now available providing customers a cost effective solution with the same reliability they have come to experience with Belimo.


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