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Ashcroft Instrumentation for Water Treatment and Waste Water Industries

Ashcroft® pressure,
temperature and control
instruments are specifically
designed to meet the
demands of the water
treatment and wastewater
industries. And along with
our high quality, rugged
instruments, Ashcroft
provides detailed
documentation for your
critical engineering and
compliance requirements.
more information. Or call us
direct at 800-328-8258 and
let one of our experts help
you specify the right
instruments for your

Ashcroft® pressure,temperature and control instruments are specifically designed to meet the demands of the water treatment and waste water industries. And along withour high quality, rugged instruments, Ashcroft provides detailed documentation for your critical engineering and compliance requirements.Visit www.ashcroft.com formore information. Or call us direct at 800-328-8258 and let one of our experts help you specify the right instruments for your application.

Pressure Gauges for Water Treatment and Waste Water Industries


Designed to meet the rigors of water treatment and wastewater applications, the family of Ashcroft® dry, liquid filled and PLUS!™ Performance pressure gauges is unsurpassed. Ashcroft Duragauge® process 

gauges have long been the benchmark when a solid 

front, ASME grade 2A, 1⁄2% accuracy pressure gauge 

is required. Standard exclusive features like a 400 

Series stainless steel movement for longer life, an 

epoxy coated system for corrosion resistance, and 

the patented Duratube™ Bourdon tube for superior 

strength are just a few of the reasons these gauges 

outlast other gauges in the market place. 


When pulsation and vibration are present in the process, the patented PLUS!™ Performance option provides the performance of a liquid filled gauge, all in a dry gauge. PLUS!™ Performance dampens 

vibration and pulsation, providing an easy-to-read 

gauge with no fill lines and a steady pointer. PLUS ™ 

provides a wider temperature range over glycerin fill 

and eliminates costly specialty fluids, as well as the 

added expense for disposing of a liquid-filled gauge. 


Stainless steel case gauges are offered with a 

rugged, all welded socket-to-case design for superior 

strength. When vibration and pulsation are a factor 

these gauges are also available with the our patented 

PLUS!™ Performance option as well as the patented 

PowerFlex™ movement for improved shock resistance. 


Independent lab testing has shown that the 

PowerFlex™ movement is more shock resistant than 

conventional movement gauges. 

When a superior, low cost commercial-type gauge 

with bronze wetted parts is a requirement, Ashcroft 

commercial gauges are available with the PowerFlex™ 

movement as well as True Zero™ indication. With True 

Zero™ indication you can be certain that if your gauge 

reads zero – there truly is zero pressure in your system. 

You benefit with increased safety, and reduced 

replacement costs.



Designed to measure the difference between two pressure across filters, strainers or separators, Ashcroft dp gauges offer a unique combination of Bourbon tube design and flexible diaphragm designs. Together, these features provide you with the best value to measure differential pressure on critical applications.

Digital Gauges, Indicating and Non-Indicating Transmitters  for Water Treatment and Waste Water Industries

Digital Gauges, Indicating and Non-Indicating Transmitters:

Digital pressure gauges and transmitters incorporate an all-welded sensor to pressure port assembly (socket/ pressure connection) which provides extremely high reliability, stability and durability. This feature provides cycle life expectations beyond 10 million cycles, and is particularly valuable in demanding pump and valve control applications where overpressure is common. Requirements for a wide variety of applications, including water tower and tank level, water storage and distribution, pump and flow measurement, filter monitoring, sludge pumping and dewatering and hydraulic power system applications, are met by the sensing technology which covers full scale pressure ranges from 4˝ H2O to 20,000 psi.

Digital gauges feature multiple options such as remote 4-20mA output and/or switching. The number of instruments is reduced, also reducing process breaks. Save on installation costs as well as space and additional pipe cut outs. Rangeable pressure transmitters provide gauge, differential pressure and flow measurement. Easy push button menus drive re-scale, re-zero and loop check functionality. Fixedrange transmitters provide value with compact size and high performance. Optional hazardous area approvals are available when Intrinsically Safe, Non-Incendive or Explosion/Flame Proof approvals are required. 

Most of the instruments can be supplied with seals and capillaries to confidently address the most demanding chemical or sludge-based media.

Switches, Diaphragm Seals for Water Treatment and Waste Water Industries Switches:

High alarm, low alarm, pump control and process control applications demand durable, reliable and accurate controls. Ashcroft’s line of pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches are designed to meet these demanding requirements. Ashcroft offers NEMA 4X or NEMA 7 and 9 rated enclosures in both epoxy coated die cast aluminum housings, or stainless steel housings to meet these harsh environments. Switches are available with a wide range of micro switches and deadband ranges to meet all applications.


To isolate the process from an instrument in applications including sludge, sewage or chemical media, Ashcroft offers a comprehensive line of diaphragm seals. Ashcroft diaphragm seals are ideal in applications where there is corrosive service, clogging issues, process pulsation and vibration, process pressure spikes, and suspended solids in the process; as well as when there is a need to isolate process for safety, replace process dead leg, and easily clean the seal or isolator. Seal types include threaded, flanged, in-line threaded, in-line flanged, in-line socket weld, in-line butt weld and saddle seals. Also available is a complete offering of isolation rings or Iso-Rings and isolation spools or Iso-Spools.

Temperature Instruments, Accessories for Water Treatment & Waste Water Industries


Ashcroft® bimetal and Duratemp® gas actuated thermometers provide superior durability and dependability, precision temperature readings, 1%accuracy, hermetically sealed cases, and a Maxivision® dial to eliminate parallax error, ensuring accurate temperature readings. Our bimetal thermometers can be externally calibrated and are available as tamper resistant. The Everyangle™ connection allows you to rotate the dial 360° and angle it 180°. The Duratemp gas actuated thermometer offers direct or remote mounting with no head error regardless of the mounting configuration.


When an instrument requires protection from damaging severe service applications Ashcroft offers an array of accessories.

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