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Thermometers/ Temperature





Burns RTD
Burns Series 200 Wire Wound RTDs
Reducing costs and improving results across the plant is the name of the game. Burns Engineering’s industrial temperature sensors deliver low cost of ownership through a wide variety of standard and customized sensors with years of proven reliability. Our precision RTDs and special limits of error Thermocouples insure you get the measurement accuracy and precision your process demands..
IT9035 Industrial Thermometers from ICON 
are designed for commercial construction & industrial applications, such as piping & air ducts. This instrument represents the accepted worldwide engineering standard for industrial thermometers with die cast aluminum case construction for rugged durability. The nontoxic, green organic spirit-filled tube provides an accurate and quick response while maintaining environmental safety.
Temperature Measurement 101

This webinar "Temperature Measurement 101" makes for a great base starting point with anyone involved with temperature measurement. This webinar will help you understand the tradeoffs in temperature measurement, allowing you to select the optimal sensor for the application.

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