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Siemens SSA/SSP Series Electronic Valve Actuator

Electronic Valve Actuator
SSA/SSP Series

The SSA/SSP Electronic Valve Actuator requires a 24 Vac power supply and receives a 0 to 10 Vdc signal or a floating control signal to control a valve. This actuator is designed to work with Zone Control Valves with a 1/10- inch (2.5 mm) stroke and a threaded valve bonnet that fits the actuator.

• Direct-coupled installation without tools 
• Manual Override with hex wrench 
• Visual position indication



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Cat #DescriptionsPart Number
24424 Vac, Floating, Normally ClosedSSA81U
24524 Vac, 0-10 V, Normally ClosedSSA61U
24824 Vac, 0-10 V, Normally OpenSSP61U
Power Supply:
Operating Voltage: 24 Vac ±20%
50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
SSA81: 0.8 VA
SSA61: 2.0 VA
Agency Certifications: CE Conformance
EMC Directive: 89/336/EEC
Low Voltage Direction: 73/23/EEC
UL listed: UL873
cUL certified to Canadian Standard
C22.2 No. 24-93
Running Time: SSA61: 34 sec.
SSA81: 150 sec.
Nominal Stroke: 1/10-inch (2.5 mm)
Nominal Force: 24 lb. (105N)
Ambient Temperature :
Operation: 41 to 122°F (5 to 50°C)
Transport and Storage: -13 to +158°F (-25 to +70°C)
Medium Temperature: 34 to 230°F (1 to 110°C)
Dimensions: 3.4" H X 4.4" W X 2.3" D
(85.2 mm H X 111 mm W X 58 mm D)
Shipping Weight: 9 oz. (0.25 kg)

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