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Siemens Flowrite 3-Way Three-Way Mixing Globe Valves

Three-Way Mixing Globe Valves
Flowrite 3-Way

Designed to work with either pneumatic or electronic actuators with a 3/4-inch (20 mm) stroke, the Flowrite Three-way Globe Valves are available in ANSI Class 250.

• Direct-coupled, universal bonnet
• Equal percentage (NC port) or linear flow (NO port) characteristics
• Brass or stainless steel trim
• Factory orderable as: – Valve only – Valve and Actuator
• Accepts any 3/4-inch Flowrite pneumatic or electronic actuator
• 100:1 Rangeability
• ANSI Leakage Class IV (0.01% of Cv)
• Cartridge-type packing for easy service
• FxF or UFxUF end connections available

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Cat #Stroke(in.)(in.)(Kvs)Type(Cv)Connection(mm)
599-031983/41/2(0.9)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)1Female x Female(15)
599-031993/41/2(1.4)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)1.6Female x Female(15)
599-032003/41/2(2.2)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)2.5Female x Female(15)
599-032013/41/2(3.4)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)4Female x Female(15)
599-032023/43/4(5.4)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)6.3Female x Female(20)
599-032033/41(8.6)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)10Female x Female(25)
599-032043/41-1/4(14)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)16Female x Female(32)
599-032053/41-1/2(22)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)25Female x Female(40)
599-032063/42(34)Standard Temperature Packing — 20 to 250ºF (-7 to 120ºC)40Female x Female(50)
Valve Size: 1/2 to 2" (15 to 50 mm)
Body Style: Globe-style control valve with two connection options
Seat Style: Metal-to-metal
Action: Three-way mixing
Valve Body Rating: ANSI Class 250
Stem Travel (Stroke): 3/4" (20 mm)
Body: UNS CA 844 bronze
Trim: Brass or Stainless Steel
Stem: Stainless Steel ASTM A582 type 303
Packing: EPDM O-rings
Controlled Medium: Water, glycol solutions up to 50%
Medium Temperature Range: 20 to 250°F (-7 to +120°C)
Max. Recommended Differential Pressure for Liquid Modulating Service:
Brass Trim: 25 psi (173 kPa)
Stainless Steel Trim: 50 psi (345 kPa)
Max. Inlet Pressure: Refer to the Flowrite Reference Section
Rangeability: >100:1
Close-off Ratings: According to ANSI/FCI 70-2
Leakage Rate: Class IV (0.01% of Cv)
Mounting Location: NEMA 1 (interior only)

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