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Siemens 243 Analog Relay

Analog Relay

The 243 Analog Relays are pneumatic auxiliary devices designed to assist the engineer in obtaining specialized control action within a pneumatic control system.


• Multi-function
• Lightweight commercial model with molded barb fittings for 1/8 (3 mm) polyetheylene tubing
• Heavy duty die-cast model with 1/8 NPT ports
• Mounting bracket included with both models; can be mounted in any position


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Cat #Descriptions
243-0011Analog Relay
Air Supply: Normal 0 to 25 psi (0 to 172 kPa)
Maximum 30 psi (207 kPa)
Ambient Temperature Range: Operating 40 to 120°F (4 to 49°C)
Storage -20 to +120°F (-29 to +49°C)
Hysteresis: 0.25 psi (1.7 kPa)
Relief Valve Differential: 1.0 psi (6.9 kPa
Air Capacity: 400 scim (109 ml/s)
Air Consumption (max.): 7 scim (2 ml/s)
Mounting: Integral brackets for wall or panel
Spring Adjustment Range Action: Gradual
Supply Air: Normal 25 psi (172 kPa)
Maximum 30 psi (207 kPa)
Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb. (1.35 kg)

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