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Siemens 193 HC Powerstar Free Energy Band Heating/Cooling Pneumatic Room Thermostats

Powerstar Free Energy Band Heating/Cooling Pneumatic Room Thermostats
193 HC

Providing proportional, dual output, dual setpoint, 2-pipe (dual 1-pipe low air capacity) or 3-pipe (dual 2-pipe high air capacity) pneumatic room temperature control, the 193 HC Powerstar Free Energy Band Pneumatic Room Thermostat creates a deadband so that no heating or cooling occurs during the Free Energy Band.

• Dual setpoint dials available in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales
• Integral, field adjustable limit stops
• Sensitive bimetal responds to temperature changes
• Adjustable Free Energy Band
• Test port for fast check of output pressure without removing the cover
• Wall mounting plates for connection to a variety of rough-in terminal boxes included
• Field replaceable thermometer, setpoint dials, restrictors and filters
• Competitive adapter mounting kits available Options

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Cat #OutputSetpointAir Output CapacityThermometer & Setpoint ScalesActionControl Action Type
193-211SingleDual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°FCool (DA)Heat Direct
193-212SingleDual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°FCool (RA)Heat Direct
193-231SingleDual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°CCool (DA)Heat Direct
193-232SingleDual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°CCool (RA)Heat Direct
193-215Dual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°FCool (DA)Heat Direct
193-216Dual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°FCool (RA)Heat Direct
193-235Dual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°CCool (DA)Heat Direct
193-236Dual (Heat and Cool)Low (No Relay)°CCool (RA)Heat Direct
193-213SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FCool (DA)Heat Reverse
193-214SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FCool (RA)Heat Reverse
193-233SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CCool (DA)Heat Reverse
193-234SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CCool (RA)Heat Reverse
193-217Dual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FCool (DA)Heat Reverse
193-218Dual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FCool (RA)Heat Reverse
193-237Dual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CCool (DA)Heat Reverse
193-238Dual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CCool (RA)Heat Reverse
193-219SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FHeat (DA) / Cool (DA)Hesitation
193-239SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°FHeat (DA) / Cool (DA)Hesitation
193-220SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CHeat (RA) / Cool (RA)Hesitation
193-240SingleDual (Heat and Cool)High (Integral Relay)°CHeat (RA) / Cool (RA)Hesitation
Scale; Range: Major (minor) Divisions 45 to 85°F, 10(2)°F (7 to 30°C, 5(1)°C)
Factory Calibration: 72°F, 7.5 psi ±0.3 (22°C, 52 kPa @ 1.8)
Sensitivity Adjustment Range: 1 to 4 psi/°F (12 to 50 kPa/°C)
Factory Setting: 2.5 psi/°F (31 kPa/°C)
Limit Stop: Field Adjustment Range 45/85°F (7/30°C)
Fixed Limit Stop Range 55/75°F (13/24°C)
Temperature: Storage -10 to +140°F (-23 to +60°C)
Ambient Operating 40 to 140°F (4 to 60°C)
Accuracy at Factory: Calibration ±2°F (±1.1°C)
Response 0.1°F (0.06°C)
Supply Air Pressure: Two Pressure (recommended) 25 psi (172 kPa)
Maximum 30 psi (207 kPa)
Nominal Air Consumption for Air Compressor Sizing: 1-pipe 50 scim (14 ml/s)
2-pipe. 40 scim (11 ml/s)
Nominal Air Capacity for Air Main Sizing: 1-pipe 50 scim (14 ml/s)
2-pipe. 40 scim (11 ml/s)
Nominal Chassis Air Capacity: 1-pipe Supply 25 scim (6.8 ml/s) per side
2-pipe Supply 230 scim (63 ml/s) per side
1-pipe Exhaust 30 scim (8 ml/s) per side
2-pipe Exhaust 150 scim (41 ml/s) per side
Air Connections: 5/32" (4 mm) OD tubing
Dimensions (with cover): 2.16" W x 3.34" H x 1.59" D
(55 mm W x 85 mm H x 40 mm D)
Shipping Weights: Thermostat Chassis and Wall Plate 0.53 lb. (0.24 kg)
Plastic Cover 0.07 lb. (0.04 kg)
Metal Cover (dual) 0.27 lb. (0.12 kg)

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