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Siemens 192 S Powerstar Single Setpoint Pneumatic Room Thermostat

Powerstar Single Setpoint Pneumatic Room Thermostat
192 S

Providing proportional single output, single setpoint, 1-pipe for low air capacity or 2-pipe for high air capacity pneumatic room temperature control, the 192 S  Powerstar Single Setpoint Pneumatic Room Thermostat is the most economical model. Refer to the Retroline® Retrostats on page A-15 to replace competitive  models.

• Single setpoint dial available in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales
• Available in direct or reverse acting models
• Sensitive bimetal responds to temperature changes
• Integral, field adjustable limit stops
• Wall mounting plate for connection to a variety of rough-in terminal boxes included
• Large volume air capacity relay in 2-pipe models only
• Test port for fast check of output pressure without removing the cover
• Field replaceable thermometer, setpoint dial, restrictor and filters for decreased maintenance cost

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Cat #OutputSetpointAir Output CapacityThermometer & Setpoint ScalesNumber of PipesControl Action Type
192-200SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)Low (No Relay)°F1-pipeDirect
192-201SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)Low (No Relay)°F1-pipeReverse
192-220SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)Low (No Relay)°C1-pipeDirect
192-221SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)Low (No Relay)°C1-pipeReverse
192-202SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)High (Integral Relay)°F2-pipeDirect
192-203SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)High (Integral Relay)°F2-pipeReverse
192-222SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)High (Integral Relay)°C2-pipeDirect
192-223SingleSingle (Heat or Cool)High (Integral Relay)°C2-pipeReverse

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