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Siemens 192 DN/DNV Powerstar Day/Night/Vent Pneumatic Room Thermostats

Powerstar Day/Night/Vent Pneumatic Room Thermostats
192 DN/DNV

Providing proportional dual setpoint, 2-pipe or 3-pipe high air capacity pneumatic room temperature control, the 192 DN or DNV Powerstar Pneumatic Room Thermostat automatically resets the room temperature setpoint during unoccupied hours by changing the air pressure to the thermostat. A manual override feature allows occupants to switch to day mode. The override returns to night mode the following night.

• Dual setpoint dial available in Fahrenheit or Celsius scales
• Available in direct or reverse acting models
• Sensitive bimetal responds to temperature changes
• Manual override selector for off-hour occupant comfort
• Adjustable changeover pressure
• Large volume air capacity relay
• Integral, field adjustable limit stops
• Wall mounting plate for connection to a variety of rough-in terminal boxes included
• Test port for fast check of output pressure without removing the cover
• Field replaceable thermometer, setpoint dial, restrictor and filters

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SetpointThermometer & Setpoint ScalesCat #Air Output CapacityActionControl ActionOutput
Dual (Day and Night)°F192-204High (Integral Relay)DND (DA) / N (DA)Single
Dual (Day and Night)°C192-224High (Integral Relay)DNV 3-pipeD (DA) / N (DA)Single
Dual (Day and Night)°F192-205High (Integral Relay)DND (RA) / N (RA)Single
Dual (Day and Night)°C192-225High (Integral Relay)DNV 3-pipeD (RA) / N (RA)Single
Dual (Day and Night)°F192-206High (Integral Relay)DND (DA) / N (DA) (with Night Vent)Single
Dual (Day and Night)°C192-226High (Integral Relay)DNV 3-pipeD (DA) / N (DA) (with Night Vent)Single
Scale; Range: Major (minor) Divisions 45 to 85°F, 10(2)°F
(7 to 30°C, 5(1)°C)
Factory Calibration: 72°F, 7.5 psi (22°C, 31 kPa)
Sensitivity Adjustment Range: 1 to 4 psi/°F (12 to 50 kPa/°C)
Factory Setting: 2.5 psi/°F (31 kPa/°C)
Limit Stop: Field Adjustment Range 45/85°F (7/30°C)
Fixed Limit Stop Range 55/75°F (3/24°C)
Temperature: Storage -10 to +140°F (-23 to +60°C)
Ambient Operating 40 to 140°F (4 to 60°C)
Accuracy at Factory: Calibration ±2°F (±1.1°C)
Response 0.1°F (0.06°C)
Nominal Air Consumption for Air Compressor Sizing: 25 scim (6.8 ml/s)
Nominal Air Capacity for Air Main Sizing: 40 scim (11 ml/s)
Nominal Chassis Air Capacity: Supply 230 scim (63 ml/s)
Exhaust 150 scim (41 ml/s)
Air Connections: 5/32" (4 mm) OD tube
Dimensions (with cover): 192 DN 2.16" W x 3.34" H x 1.59" D (55 mm W x 85 mm H x 40 mm D)
192 DNV 2.5" W x 3.34" H x 1.59" D (64 mm W x 85 mm H x 40 mm D)
Shipping Weights: Thermostat Chassis and Wall Plate 0.53 lb. (0.24 kg)
Plastic Cover 0.07 lb. (0.04 kg)
Metal Cover (single/dual) 0.27 lb. (0.12 kg)/0.7 lb. (0.3 kg)

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