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Customer Service

We know that Industrial Controls may not be your only option for purchasing the controls you need, so we are focused on making it your best option.

“On Friday, at 5:40PM I called your office and they were able to get my parts together and arrange for Federal Express. They didn’t hesitate for one minute to help and solve our crisis.”

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories


What makes us your best option?

  • We stock over 100,000 items
  • Buy in bulk and pass along the savings
  • Have over 100 engineers and technically trained sales people on staff
  • Provide training classes on the technologies you need to know about
  • Ship stock items the same day: “In by 4 Out the Door”
  • Provide local sales professionals
  • Developed product specifications and selection info online, 24/7


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Request an RMA



“Everything worked to perfection. The item even arrived an hour earlier than expected and I looked like a hero. I am very happy that you contacted me last week because I didn’t have another source for those items. I have nothing but admiration and respect for my new best vendor and will let everyone else know how great you were.”

Storeroom Solution

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