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Schneider Electric P541 TAC Pneumodular® Receiver Controller

TAC Pneumodular® Receiver Controller

The receiver controllers are used with remote pneumatic transmitters to provide proportional control in pneumatic control systems. They are designed primarily for use with pneumatic transmitters; however, they may be used with any pneumatic device having an output of 3 to 15 psig, such as thermostats or humidistats. Both direct and reverse acting models are available and each device is of the dual-input type, with remote setpoint capability. These devices may be used as single input devices by using only the desired input.

• Nozzle and flapper relay- type receiver-controller; linear, stable and responsive. Three inputs for primary, reset, and remote control point adjustment (may be used with one or two inputs).
• Slide-type throttling range and authority adjustments are easy to use, require no tools. Easy setpoint calibration.
• Five barbed connections for 1/4 in. O.D. plastic tubing.
• Setpoint dials available to match transmitter ranges.
• Available in direct-acting and reverse-acting models.
• Direct-acting models have a built-in low-limit feature. Reverse-acting models have a built-in high-limit feature.
• Designed for mounting on TAC PNEUMODULAR Socket MCS-S; may be mounted as stand-alone controller with K504 Mounting Bracket or P541-BASE.

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Cat #Wholesale Model NoDescriptionsAction
P5412341-501Direct Acting Receiver Controller onlyDirect
P541-RA2341-502Reverse Acting Receiver Controller onlyReverse
P541-DA-B2341-521Direct Acting Receiver Controller (P541) mounted to a Base P541-BASEDirect
P541-RA-B2341-522Reverse Acting Receiver Controller (P541-RA) mounted to a Base P541-BASEReverse
P541-BASEMounting Base, Gasket and Mounting ScrewsNot applicable
Construction: Glass-filled nylon
Control action: Direct acting or reverse acting, determined by model selection
Supply air pressure: Clean, dry, oil free air required
Normal: 4 to 22 psig (28 to 152 kPa)
Maximum: 30 psig (207 kPa)
Air consumption: 36 scim (9.8 mL/s), maximum.
Connections: Barbed nipples for 1/4 in. O.D. polyethylene or 5/32 in. I.D. polyurethane tubing
Authority: Adjustable; 10 to 300% of primary signal input
Reset action: Port R (reset signal) provides reverse reset. To obtain direct reset requires P541-RA with 60% authority and 40% throttling range to reverse the transmitter’s 3 to 15 psi signal to 15 to 3 psi
Throttling range: Adjustable; 2 to 40%/12 psi
Setpoint: Adjustable; graduated dial with 0.25 psi divisions
CPA (remote setpoint adjustment): ±10% of primary transmitter span
Ambient temperature limits: 40 to 140qF (4 to 60qC)
Mounting: Designed for use on MCS-S manifold socket. These devices can also be surface mounted by using an optional K504 mounting bracket or by ordering with base option
P541: 1-63/64 H x 5-25/32 W x 2-1/4 D in. (50 x 147 x 57 mm)
K504: 5-1/2 H x 4-1/2 W x 2 D in. (140 x 114 x 51 mm)
P541-BASE & P541-RA-BASE: 3-5/8 H x 5-13/16 W x 3-3/4 (136 x 148 x 95 mm)

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