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Schneider Electric AL-17x Series, AL-18x Series Solenoid Air Valves

Solenoid Air Valves
AL-17x Series, AL-18x Series

For applications where an electrical circuit is used to control a pneumatically-operated device. Used to direct supply air to a pneumatic device when the coil is energized or de-energized, depending on the supply and exhaust air connects.

• Open frame or junction box construction accommodates a wide variety of NEMA 1 mounting locations.
• Available in 24, 120, 208, 240, or 480 Vac models.
• Supplied with 18 in. electrical leads for ease of installation.
• Corrosion-resistant plastic body.
• Barbed fittings for 1/4 in. O.D. plastic tubing.

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TypeCat #Voltage (AC 60 Hz)
Open FrameAL-17024
Open FrameAL-170120
Valve inputs: Power input 5.7 Watts (energized).
17.3 VA Inrush.
9.2 VA Holding.
Voltage For available voltages, refer to Model Chart.
Electrical connections 18 in. (457 mm) leads on the coil.
Maximum inlet air pressure 30 psig (207 kPa). Clean, dry, oil free air is required (reference EN-123).
Air connections Three plastic ferrules included for plastic 1/4 in. tubing (PKG-1141).
N.C., Normally closed, Port 1.
N.O., Normally open, Port 2.
COM, Common, Port 3.
Valve outputs: Flow capacity 519 scim (142 mL/sec) at 15 psig (103 kPa) supply with 1 psig (6.9 kPa) drop.
Environment: Ambient temperature limits Shipping: -40 to 150°F (-40 to 65°C).
Operating: 40 to 130°F (4 to 54°C).
Supply air: 40 to 130°F (4 to 54°C).
Humidity 50 to 95% RH, non-condensing.
Location NEMA Type 1.
Mounting: Vertical with solenoid at top (as shown).
Dimensions: AL-17x 3-5/16 H x 1-9/16 W x 1-7/32 D in. (84 x 40 x 31 mm).
AL-18x 3-3/4 H x 3-13/16 W x 1-3/8 D in. (95 x 97 x 35 mm).

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