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Schneider Electric 2326 Series RESET VOLUME CONTROLLERS

2326 Series

The 2326 Series Reset Volume Controller is designed to control the air volume through air terminal units. It controls the velocity and the output volume of these units between preset high and low limits, and responds to changes in the branch pressure of a pneumatic device. In effect, the 2326 controller is a submaster, supply air velocity controller whose velocity set point is reset between the adjustable high and low limits by a master controller, typically a room thermostat. Both limits can be independently set throughout the range, as long as the high is set equal to or greater than the low. When both limits are set to the same value, the unit acts as a constant volume controller. The 2326-021 is a direct acting controller with direct reset, for use on normally open terminal units. The 2326-022 is a reverse acting controller with reverse acting reset, for use on normally closed terminal units, the thermostat action must match the action of the controller being used; i.e., direct or reverse. When warm air is being supplied to the terminal units, the thermostat action must be opposite the action of the controller.

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Cat #ActionRangeReplaces Model
2326-021DA0”to 1.3” W.GR77-21
2326-022RA0”to 1.3” W.GR77-22

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