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The Problem: Power Plants and Manufacturing facilities all use water in their processes and need to return wastewater either to the sewer system or into local rivers/estuaries. The local municipalities and Federal EPA set strict guidelines for water quality and temperatures that are allowed to be disposed of. In many cases, the effluent site is remote from the plant automation and instrumentation architecture making measuring these points difficult and costly.

The “Traditional” Approach: In the past, facility maintenance personnel were required to periodically go out to the effluent site with hand-held instruments and make log book entries. This practice led to inaccurate measurements, labor intensive data retrieval, and difficult report generation for the appropriate agencies. Also, facility maintenance personnel were forced to spend time away from their normal routines of keeping the facility running to perform these tasks.

Major Power Plant: The plant had two effluent points where the DEP was requiring continuous logging of effluent temperature and pH. Data was to be logged into the plant DCS system for historical recording and agency reporting.

The Solution: Heavy duty industrial pH probes from Honeywell and custom length thermocouples were supplied along with Honeywell’s XYR-5000 wireless instrumentation transmitters. The XYR 5000 base radio communicates RS-485 Modbus to the plant DCS. The project was completed within two weeks of equipment delivery.

The Honeywell HB Harsh Environment pH probe is especially resistant to contaminants and temperature swings without losing accuracy.

The Honeywell XYR 5000 wireless system is a 900Mhz instrument network system which offers excellent noise resistance and a wide choice of instrument transmitters. One base radio can manage up to 100 measurements within a ½ mile radius of the connection point. Standard Modbus communications allows for easy integration into most PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems.

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