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The Problem: Remote pump stations exist in a variety of industries including Water/Wastewater Treatment, Power & Utilities, Manufacturing, Campuses, Universities, and many more.  These pump stations contain automation equipment and instrumentation essential to controlling the process and collection of important data.  The collected data will need to be obtained from these systems; however, remote access is not always feasible or cost-effective. 

The “Traditional” Approach:  When a considerable budget is available, the customer will develop and install a real-time remote monitoring system.  This system would contain wireless networking and/or broadband networking connections integrated into a centralized SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to monitor and aggregate the data.  Unfortunately, when a budget is not available and data still needs to be collected, maintenance personnel periodically collect manual readings from individual pump stations.  As a result, these manual readings are labor-intensive and can lead to data inaccuracies and unnecessary additional work. 

Major Utility Company/Engineering Firm:  The use of broadband and/or wireless was not cost-effective to install and maintain and a budget was not available for a real-time SCADA system.  Fortunately, a traditional telephone line was available for communication to the pump station.

The Solution: A cost-effective on-demand remote monitoring solution with Phoenix Contact Ethernet modem, Axiomtek Industrial PC, and GE Intelligent Platforms HMI (Human Machine Interface) View software. 

This system allows the remote user/operator to establish an on-demand dial-up connection to the pump station control panel via the Phoenix Contact Ethernet modem.  This modem bridges the gap between the phone and Ethernet networks.  Once this connection is established, the remote user’s computer becomes a part of the local area Ethernet network within the pump station control panel and provides access to the devices within this network.  The remote user initializes a Microsoft Remote Desktop session to view the GE HMI View software embedded in the Axiomtek IPC.  From here the remote user will have a full view into the process including real-time and historical data.  In addition, the remote user can now download the collected data files and transfer to their local computer without having to take manual readings to assure reliability of the data.

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