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When an old, obsolete flame safegaurd failed on one of their three boilers, a medical research company in Monmouth County, New Jersey, contacted Industrial Controls. They had already restarted the “critical” 2,930,000 BTU boiler using spare parts from a scrap pile. However, their 150 PSI medical steam cleaning operation required a permanent, more reliable solution.

Since they had to replace the obsolete flame safeguard, they decided to upgrade to a Honeywell ControLinks linkageless control system on the one boiler. They had never measured fuel flow, but immediately after installation, their engineer noticed a “considerable“ decrease in fuel consumption.

Without an actual fuel consumption measurement on the repaired boiler, the savings were obvious enough that the engineer subsequently upgraded his other two fully functional boilers. The research company now saves an estimated 7% on their total fuel consumption.

The company is located in an area where power outages occur very frequently. He said, “After an outage, I can press the reset button and walk away. I have great confidence in this system so I don’t have to stick around to babysit the whole startup process.”

The engineer can rest assured knowing that replacement parts are readily available. Their medical steaming operation will continue without interruption.

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