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CUNA Credit Union

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The Challenge:

The CUNA Credit Union branch office on E. Washington Avenue in Madison (WI) is a 2-story triangular building constructed of predominately glass and concrete with an open interior design. It was controlled by a 30-year old pneumatic variable air volume (VAV) system with individual reheat at each VAV box, which at the time of construction, was considered state-of-the-art.

"We definitely have design issues with this building," says Charlie Buzzell, CUNA Credit Union East branch manager. "It was zoned to compensate for heating and cooling demand but has become very difficult to control."

ADS Mechanical's owner member Andrew Jensen adds, "They were unable to properly maintain a comfortable environment. Over time, the building had become very uncomfortable, expensive to maintain, and an energy hog."

Dave Gundlach, senior service technician and salesman for ADS Mechanical (Madison), was the only person who could keep the old pneumatic system running. "It was so old it just didn't control the way it should. Part failures were becoming more frequent and more expensive to replace."

When Gundlach learned that CUNA Credit Union was planning to remodel the building inside and out, he approached Buzzell with some suggested changes, including replacing the pneumatics with a digital control system and refurbishing the VAV system. "Dave knows the building and the systems so well that when he recommended improvements, well, it was just the right thing to do for CUNA Credit Union."

But how was ADS Mechanical going to do the wiring inherent with digital systems? "We were dealing with cinder block wall construction - there was absolutely no way to cost effectively bury wire or conduit runs without compromising the esthetic appeal of the building interior," recalls Gundlach.

Gundlach and Jensen contacted Industrial Controls.

The Solution:

Industrial Controls worked closely with Gundlach and Jensen on designing, engineering, and implementing the ideal digital control system, the Honeywell Light Commercial Building Solution

(LCBS) with wireless zone sensors, and Honeywell hot water valves. Industrial Controls also engineered the modifications for the thirteen existing VAV boxes and specified the replacement hot water valves leading to the reheat coils.

The LCBS is designed specifically for small- to medium-sized light commercial, single-site buildings with a standalone application such as VAV. Building owners get all the flexibility and capabilities of a 'large' building management system at an extremely reasonable installed cost.

Jensen adds, "The LCBS is a really decent system - it is a most efficient and cost effective system. No other options were even considered."

And the wireless zone sensors? "When Industrial Controls confirmed that the radio frequency, wireless sensors would work, it was the only way to go for CUNA Credit Union," says Gundlach. "The wireless zone sensors took the need to pull wires completely out of the picture."

"We're happy!" concludes Buzzell.

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