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Schneider Electric N800-0555 Series Positive Positioning Relay

Positive Positioning Relay
N800-0555 Series

The N800-0555 is used with M556 (6 in. stroke), M573 (3 in. stroke), and M574 (4 in. stroke) damper actuators. The N800-0555 is pilot-operated, providing excellent response to small signal pressure changes from the controller. Pilot-operation also provides maximum resistance to actuator shaft displacement caused by outside force changes.

A built-in adjustable needle-valve permits setting the desired rate of actuator movement, helpful in two ways:
    • Various size actuators operated by the same control signal can be made to operate at approximately the same rate of movement, since the smaller actuators can be slowed to match the rate of movements of larger actuators. One example: Outdoor, return and relief dampers of Air-Handling-Units, where the return damper is frequently smaller, and has a smaller actuator.
    • Some rapidly changing processes are easier to control if the actuator moves slowly. Examples: - Duct static-pressure control. - Duct air-velocity control. - Control of the mixed-air-temperature of air-handling units, where the mixed-air-temperature changes instantly as the dampers change position. Since no sensor responds instantly, more stable control can be attained if the dampers move slowly. This, in turn, may allow use of a narrower controller throttling range.

Actuators may be ordered with positioners mounted. For field-mounting, feedback arm and spring must be ordered separately. Refer to Model Chart.

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Cat #Descriptions
N800-0555-BOXPositioner only.
N800-0555-PPositioner kit. Includes one positioner, one feedback arm, and 5 and 10 psi feedback springs for M556 (6 in. stroke), M573 (3 in. stroke), and M574 (4 in. stroke).
Ambient Temperature Limits: -20 to 140°F (-29 to 60°C)
Supply Air Pressure: Clean, dry, oil-free air required (refer to EN-123)
Nominal: 20 psig (136 kPa)
Maximum: 30 psig (207 kPa)
Air Consumption: 30 scim (8 mL/s)

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