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Schneider Electric M556 Series Pneumatic Damper Actuators

Pneumatic Damper Actuators
M556 Series

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Wholesale Model NoDescriptionsSpring Range psigMountingCat #
60° to 120° adj. linkage to accept 1/2 in. shafts w/positioner (with 5 psi span feedback spring).8 to 13Swivel-mtd.M556-14
w/Positioner, for Keystone butterfly valve.8 to 13Swivel-mtd.M556-1402
60° to 120° adjustable linkage to accept 1/2 in. shafts.8 to 13Swivel-mtd.M556-51
M556-5101No linkage. Hole in end of shaft is tapped to receive a 3/8” - 16 machine screw.8 to 13Swivel-mtd.M556-5101
For Keystone butterfly valve.8 to 13Swivel-mtd.M556-5102





Housing: Glass-filled nylon
Diaphragm: Neoprene, rolling type
Shaft: Stainless Steel on M556, M573, M574
Nickel plated steel on M572, M583, M584
Stroke: Refer to Model Chart
Spring: Retract actuator shaft on loss of air pressure
Ambient temperature limits: -20 to 180°F (-29 to 82°C)
Supply air pressure: Clean, dry, oil free air required
Nominal: Nominal 20 psig (138 kPa)
M580 Series nominal 0 to 15 psig (0 to 103 kPa)
Maximum: 30 psig (207 kPa)
Air consumption
(positioner models):
0.017 scfm
Hesitation stroke start point: 4 psig (28 kPa); stroke adjustable 20% to 70% prior to 4 psig (M58X only)
Finish stroke start point: 8 psig (55 kPa); stroke adjustable 80% to 30% after 8 psig (M58X only)
Connections: Barbed fitting for 1/4 in. O.D. plastic tubing
M556 Series: 5-3/4 dia. x 17 L in. (146 x 432 mm)
M573 Series: 3-3/4 dia. x 14 L in. (95 x 356 mm)
M574 Series: 4-5/8 dia. x 15-1/8 L in. (117 x 384 mm)

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