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PLCs and Automation

PLCs and Automation

Durus Controllers

GE Control Systems Hardware

Proficy software

AC Models
The AC versions of the Durus Controllers come with 10 points (6 discrete inputs and 4 discrete outputs) or 20 points (12 discrete inputs and 8 discrete outputs). The units are available with or without display and keypad and with or without expansion. Up to 3 discrete and 1 analog expansion units can be added for either additional I/O. One communication module can be added.
AC Discrete I/O Modules
Control power for the block is tapped off the input/output device voltages wired to the terminals. No separate block power supply is needed. Configurable features include; Output Pulse Test capability, Selectable Input Filter Time from 10mS to 100mS, Output powerup defaults, Output Hold Last State or default, each circuit has electronic fusing.



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