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Plastomatic SERIES ABV Air Actuated Plastic Ball Valves

Air Actuated Plastic Ball Valves

The ABVA requires a 4-way air solenoid valve (Part # 8345G1), and ABVS requires a 3-way air solenoid valve (Part # 8320G13) to control actuation. Compressed air should be filtered and lubricated. The hex nuts used to mount the actuator are tapped to facilitate piping support.

Manual Override: 
Series ABVA and ABVS have direct override to the ball valve shaft. Series ABVS requires simple loosening of the spring prior to manual override.

Materials of Construction: 
Actuator is constructed of corrosion resistant thermoplastics. Seals are Buna-N. For optional materials, please consult factory.

• All plastic construction ideal for corrosive atmosphere.
• Direct manual override standard on ABVA & ABVS.
• Easy field attachment to ball valve.
• Long cycle life – extensively tested & proven.
• ABVS converts easily between normally-open and normally-closed operation.
• Lightweight assembly – less piping stress and lower shipping weight.
• Can be hydraulically actuated.

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Cat #Lbs.Air x Air Air Pressure Required BarsKgAir x Air Air Pressure Required PSIValve Size NPT or BSP
ABVA 1.20.91,4 - 3,5.4120 - 501/2
ABVA 1.61.81,4 - 3,5.8220 - 503/4
ABVA 1.61.81,4 - 3,5.8220 - 501

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