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Phoenix QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/3,5 Primary-Switched Power Supply

Primary-Switched Power Supply

QUINT POWER power supply units – highest system availability due to SFB technology Compact power supply units of the new QUINT POWER generation maximize the availability of your system. Even the standard power circuit-breakers can be tripped reliably and quickly with the SFB technology (Selective Fuse-breaking Technology) and six times the nominal current for 12 ms.

Defective current paths are disconnected selectively, the defect is limited and the important system parts remain in operation. A comprehensive diagnostics is carried out by continuously monitoring the output voltage and current. This preventive function monitoring visualizes the critical operating modes and reports them to the control unit before an error occurs.

• Quick tripping of standard power circuit breakers with dynamic SFB technology power reserve
• Reliable starting of difficult loads with static POWER BOOST power reserve
• Preventive function monitoring
• Can be used worldwide
• High degree of operational safety due to high MTBF > 500 000 h, long mains buffering times > 20 ms, high dielectric strength up to 300 V AC

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Cat #DescriptionsTypePcs./Pkt.
2866747Primary-switched power supply with SFB technology, 1 AC, output current 3.5 AQUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/3,51
2938196Assembly adapter for QUINT POWER 2.5 A and 5 A on S7-300 railQUINT-PS-ADAPTERS7/11
2938235Universal wall adapterUWA 182/521
Input data
Input nominal voltage range 100 V AC ... 240 V AC
AC input voltage range 85 V AC ... 264 V AC
Short-term input voltage 300 V AC
DC input voltage range 90 V DC ... 350 V DC
AC frequency range 45 Hz ... 65 Hz
DC frequency range 0 Hz
Current consumption Approx. 1.35 A (120 V AC)
Approx. 0.82 A (230 V AC)
Inrush current limitation < 20 A (typical)
I2t < 2 A2s
Power failure bypass > 20 ms (for 120 V AC)
> 80 ms (for 230 V AC)
Typical response time < 0.5 s
Protective circuitry Transient surge protection Varistor
Input fuse, integrated 5 A (slow-blow, internal)
Recommended backup fuse for mains protection 6 A (characteristic B)
10 A (characteristic B)
16 A (characteristic B)
Discharge current to PE < 3.5 mA
Output data
Nominal output voltage 24 V DC ±1%
Setting range of the output voltage 18 V DC ... 29.5 V DC (> 24 V constant capacity)
Output current 3.5 A (-25°C ... 70°C)
4 A (with POWER BOOST, < 40°C permanent)
15 A (with SFB technology, 12 ms)
Derating From +60°C 2.5% per Kelvin
Control deviation < 1 % (change in load, static 10% ... 90%)
< 2 % (change in load, dynamic 10% ... 90%)
< 0.1 % (change in input voltage ±10%)
Power loss nominal load max. 12 W
Maximum power dissipation idling 3.5 W
Efficiency > 88 % (for 230 V AC and nominal values)
Ascent time < 0.5 ms (UOUT (10% ... 90%))
Residual ripple < 50 mVPP (with nominal values)
Connection in parallel Yes, for redundancy and increased capacity
Connection in series Yes
Surge protection against internal surge voltages Yes, limited to approx. 35 V DC
Resistance to reverse feed Max. 35 V DC

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