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Phoenix QUINT-DC-UPS/24DC/10 Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit

Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit

QUINT-DC-UPS uninterruptible power supply units with long-life lead-acid batteries provide long buffer times at high currents. Even in the event of a longer supply voltage failure, the units ensure that all connected devices continue to operate without interruption.

The devices have a narrow and uniform design, which makes them ideal for use on the DIN rail where space is limited. In addition, short wiring paths ensure order and clarity in the control cabinet.

The high level of availability and the particularly long service life of the battery modules are achieved through professional battery management. An automatic presence check (every minute) and electronic over current protection ensure the battery modules are ready to operate at all times. Power is therefore available in the event of an error and the service life of the battery module is maximized.

The actual state must be determined quickly so that the right decision can be made in an emergency. Optimum signaling is thus required for maximum system availability. Three floating PDT contacts and three LEDs are provided for function monitoring, which indicate all the operating states clearly.

So that relay signaling is more reliable and more durable than before, an additional positive supply output has been provided. The contact, which is current-limited and resistant to continued short circuits, is located next to the relay connections and enables easy bridging. In the event of wiring errors, the short circuit protection prevents any welding of the relay contacts. This ensures that the user can rely on an OK signal. Even in the event of connection errors, currents remain below 100 mA, which prevents damage to the relay contacts.

A system is switched off after a specific time that can be set on the device or by an external signal. No additional installation is required for shutdown. In addition, ready-to-use plug-in bridges minimize the installation time.

The connected devices can be divided into buffered and unbuffered loads using the isolated input. This extends the buffer time, which depends on the output current. If only critical devices are protected using fuses, smaller battery modules can be used that save money and space in the control cabinet. In addition, the isolated input protects the connected devices against errors in the internal network.

• Saves space thanks to the compact, uniform design
• Integrated diode saves money through isolation of loads
• Maximum system availability through optimum battery management and reliable signaling
• Minimum installation time due to ready-to-use plugin bridges and integrated timeout

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Cat #DescriptionsTypePcs./Pkt.
28 66 22 6Uninterruptible power supply unit with integrated 1.3 Ah battery moduleQUINT-DC-UPS/24DC/101
Input data
Nominal input voltage 24 V DC
Input voltage range 22.5 - 30 V DC
Current consumption (No load/charging/maximum) 0.1 A/0.5 A/10.5 A
Switching threshold Ua < 22 V; dynamic Uin - 1 V/0.1 s
Buffer time configurable 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 10, 15, 20, 30, continuous
Input fuse Internal, 15 A
Maximum power dissipation (Ready/buffer mode) 20 W/8 W
Output data
Can be connected in parallel No
Output Data in Normal Operation
Nominal output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage Uin
Output current 10 A
Current limit None
Overload fuse Internal, 15 A
Output Data in Buffer Mode
Nominal output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage 27.9 V DC, maximum
Output current 10 A
Current limit 15 A
Overload fuse 15 A, internal fuse
Efficiency 91%
Remote shutdown Yes
Charge characteristic curve I/U characteristic curve
End-of-charge voltage 27 V
Charge current 400 mA
Temperature/voltage compensation No
Battery/presence check/time interval 60 seconds
Memory Medium
Nominal voltage 24 V DC
Nominal capacity 1.3 Ah
Service life 6 years at +20°C
Self-discharge < 1 mA
Latest startup after delivery 9 months at +20°C to +30°C
6 months at +30°C to +40°C
Power In OK Green LED
Alarm Red LED, floating PDT,
30 V AC/DC, maximum; 1 A, maximum
Battery Mode Yellow LED, floating PDT,
30 V AC/DC, maximum; 1 A, maximum
Battery Charge Yellow LED, flashing, floating PDT, 30 V AC/DC, maximum; 1 A, maximum
Electrical equipment of machines EN 60 204 (Surge Voltage Category III)
Electrical safety (of IT equipment) EN 60 950/VDE 0805,
UL/C-UL Recognized UL 60 950
Industrial control equipment UL/C-UL Listed UL 508
Shipbuilding Germanischer Lloyd
Electronic equipment for use in electrical power installations EN 50 178 (VDE 0160)
General Data
Insulation voltage Input/output to housing: kV AC type test
1 kV AC routine test
Mounting position On a horizontal 35 mm DIN rail
EN 60 715
1 kV/1 kV
Degree of protection IP20
Class of protection II
MTBF According to IEC 1709 (SN 29 500) > 500,000 h
Housing version AluNox (AlMg1), closed
Dimensions (W x H x D) default upon delivery (100 x 130 x 125) mm
Weight Approximately 1.8 kg
Climatic Data
Ambient temperature Operation/storage 0°C to +50°C/0°C to +40°C
Humidity At +25°C 95%, no condensation
Vibration According to IEC 68-2-6 15 Hz - 150 Hz, 2.3g, 90 minutes
Shock (in all space directions) According to IEC 68-2-27 30g
Pollution degree According to EN 50 178 2
Climatic category According to EN 60 721 3K3

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