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Phoenix MINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/C2LPS Power Supply Unit

Power Supply Unit

MINI POWER is the extra narrow power supply unit, which is available in widths of 22.5 mm, 45 mm, and 67.5 mm (0.886, 1.772, and 2.657 in.). In addition to a 24 V version with output currents of 1 A, 2 A, and 4 A, special voltages are also available with 5 V/3 A, +/-15 V/1 A, and 10 - 15 V/2 A for connection to single-phase AC networks or to two external conductors in three-phase networks with nominal voltages of 100 - 240 V AC.

Two DC/DC converters convert low direct voltages into an adjustable and regulated 24 V output voltage. With the DIN rail bus connector, the MINI-SYS-PS can be connected in parallel to supply other modules in the same system with a regulated 24 V DC voltage. Reliable startup of heavy loads is ensured by a power reserve of up to 100% – the POWER BOOST The high level of operational safety is also ensured in complex global networks. MINI POWER also operates in applications where static voltage dips or transient power supply failures. Powerful capacitors ensure mains buffering of more than 20 ms at full load.

• Extra narrow design with widths of 22.5 mm, 45 mm, and 67.5 mm (0.886, 1.772, and 2.657 in.)
• Global use due to a wide-range input
• A high level of operational safety in complex global networks
• Reliable startup of heavy loads due to POWER BOOST

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Cat #DescriptionsTypePcs./Pkt.
28 66 33 6Power supply unit primary switched, narrow designMINI-PS-100-240AC/24DC/C2LPS1
Input data
Nominal input voltage 100 - 240 V AC (wide-range input)
Input voltage range (current consumption) 85 - 264 V AC
90 - 350 V DC
Frequency 45 - 65 Hz
Current consumption (for nominal values) 1.3 A (120 V AC)/0.8 A (230 V AC), approximately
Inrush current limiting/I2t (+25°C [+77°F]) < 15 A/< 2.1 A2s, typical
Mains buffering for a nominal load (typical) > 20 ms (120 V AC)/> 100 ms (230 V AC)
Switch-on time after applying the mains voltage < 0.4 s
Transient surge protection Varistor
Input fuse, internal T3.15 AL 250 V (device protection)
Recommended fuse 6 A, 10 A circuit breakers, characteristic B (EN 60 898)
Output data
Nominal output voltage UN/tolerance 24 V DC/±1%
Setting range for the output voltage 22.5 - 26 V DC
Output current during convection cooling and nominal values
Nominal output current IN -25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F)
3.8 A (Uout = 22.5 - 26 V DC)
Derating From +60°C (+140°F), 2.5% per Kelvin
Short-circuit current limit 5 A, approximately
Startup of capacitive loads Unlimited
System deviation on: Static load change 10 - 90% < 1%, typical
Dynamic load change 10 - 90% < 3%, typical
Input voltage change ±10% < 0.1%, typical
Maximum power dissipation No load/nominal load 2.5 W/12 W
Level of efficiency (typical) > 88% (at 230 V AC and at nominal values)
Response time UOUT (10% - 90%) 0.3 ms
Residual ripple/switching peaks (20 MHz) < 100 mVpp (for nominal values)
Can be connected in parallel To increase redundancy and power
Internal surge protection Yes, limited to 35 V DC, approximately
Resistance to return supply 35 V DC
Signal Output Data
DC OK (active) (Uout> 0.9 x UN = high signal) +24 V signal/20 mA, maximum
LED (Uout> 21.5 V DC = LED permanently on) Green LED
General Data
Insulation voltage: Input/output 3 kV AC (type test)/3 kV AC (routine test)
Approval package
Electrical equipment of machines
EN 60 204 (Surge Voltage Category III)
Safety transformers for switched-mode power supply units EN 61 558-2-17
Electrical safety EN 60950/VDE 0805
(of IT equipment) UL/C-UL Recognized UL 60 950
Industrial control equipment UL/C-UL Listed UL 508
Limitation of output power NEC Class 2
Electronic equipment for use in electrical power installations EN 50 178/VDE 0160
Safety extra-low voltage PELV (EN 60 204)
SELV (EN 60 950)
Safe isolation

VDE 0100-410

Protection against electric shock, basic requirements for safe isolation in electrical equipment DIN VDE 0106-101
Limitation of harmonic line currents According to EN 61000-3-2
Mounting position On horizontal NS 35 DIN rail according to EN 50022
Can be mounted with spacing - Vertically With spacing of ≥ 5 cm (1.969 in.)
- Horizontally 0 cm (0 in.)
Degree of protection IP20
Class of protection ΙΙ, (in closed control cabinets)
MTBF > 500,000 h according to IEC 1709 (SN 29 500)
Housing version Polyamide PA, color green
Weight 0.4 kg, approximately
Dimensions (W x H x D) 67.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm (2.657 x 3.898 x 4.508 in.)
Climatic Data
Ambient temperature Operation -25°C to +70°C [-13°F to +158°F] (> +60°C [+140°F] derating)
Storage -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Humidity Up to 95% at +25°C (+77°F), no condensation
Vibration According to IEC 68-2-6 < 15 Hz, amplitude ±2.5 mm/15 Hz - 150 Hz, 2.3 g
Shock According to IEC 68-2-27 30 g all space directions
Pollution degree 2 (according to EN 50 178)
Climatic category 3K3 (according to EN 60 721)

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