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Orange Research 1502 SERIES Heavy-duty Diaphragm Sensor for High DP Liquids or Gases

Heavy-duty Diaphragm Sensor for High DP Liquids or Gases

Our 1502 and 1533 models have a heavy-duty diaphragm that is designed for high differential pressures, to 300 psid. This extends the range of our diaphragm sensor DP line – much higher than the more sensitive 1516 model. Though heavy-duty, the diaphragms are still flexible and repeatable enough to match the ±2% accuracy of our other DP gauges.

Model 1502 is a gauge with a single switch option (uncovered), while our model 1533 is always supplied with up to two switches or a transmitter within a NEMA 4X enclosure.

A rolling diaphragm sensor separates the high and low pressure ports making these models popular for gases as well as liquids. There is no bypass between the two ports as with our piston models.

As differential pressure changes the diaphragm sensor magnet moves proportionally. This movement is tracked by a pointer magnet, which rotates and displays the reading on an easy-to-read 2.5 to 6 inch dial.

Select from a variety of options such as follower pointers, red arcs and mounting brackets along with switch, relay or transmitter outputs.

Note: Reverse pressure should be avoided with these rolling diaphragm models. If this occurs the diaphragm may not return to its original position.

• High DP ranges
• Rugged, weatherpoof design
• Gauge, switch and transmitter versions

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6
Table 1Model
Table 2Pressure Body
1AIn-line ports aluminum
1CIn-line ports 316 stainless steel
1EIn-line ports brass
Table 3Dial Case
2.5B2.5” basic
3.5B3.5” basic
4.5B4.5” basic
6B6.0” basic
Table 4Electrical
C-C2 ea. - C
B-B2 ea. - B
A-A2 ea. - A
Table 5Options
1½” NPT
2plastic lens
3liquid filled (glycerine)
4follower pointer
5Teflon coated magnet/spring
6red arc (specify range)
7dual scale (specify both)
8high temperature
Table 6Special Diaphragm & Seals
TTeflon (o-ring seals only)
Cat #Maximum line pressure/ temperatureAccuracy (F.S.) (Ascending)Porting (Many portling types available)Differential pressure range**Electrical Available***
1502DG3000 psig (200 bar)/200ºF (93ºC)2%¼” NPT0-10* to 0-300 psid (0-0.33 to 0-20 bar)Not available
Differential Pressure Range 0-10* to 0-300 psid (0-0.33 to 0-20 bar)
Maximum Line Pressure/Temperature 3000 psig (200 bar)/200ºF (93ºC)
Accuracy (F.S.) (Ascending) 2%
Porting (Many porting types available) 1/4" NPT

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