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Schneider Electric 35 in-lb Schneider Electric Direct Coupled Actuators Non-Spring Return Actuators

Schneider Electric Direct Coupled Actuators Non-Spring Return Actuators
35 in-lb

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Cat #VoltageFeedback (optional)PowerSignal (Impedance)Drive Time (seconds)
MF4E-60430-10021-28 VAC 50/60 HzNone2.0 VATri-state90
MF41-604321-28 VAC 50/60 HzModel -5102.3 VATri-state90
MS41-604321-28 VAC 50/60 HzNone3.3 VAProportional 0 to 10 VDC (100 kΩ)90




35, 70 in-lb Synchronous with magnetic clutch
133 in-lb Stepper with direct gear drive
300 in-lb Brushless DC with direct gear
MF4E Terminals
Mx41 24" pigtails, 18 AWG
Manual override
35, 70 in-lb Disengage button
133, 300 in-lb Crank
Auxiliary switch (optional) Option (-502)
35, 70 in-lb 24 VAC, 4A resistive
133 in-lb 24 VAC, 6A resistive
Feedback (optional) Option (-510)
MF41-60x3 Potentiometer 0-1 kΩ
Control action (DA/RA)
300 in-lb Select by mounting position
All others Switch selectable
Tri-state Select with wire connection or
Stacking actuators No
Rotation 90 degrees
Resolution 100 steps
Life expectancy Not specified
Noise Not specified
Ambient 5-95% RH
MF4E -22° to 140°F (-30° to 60°C)
Mx41 -25° to 130°F (-32° to 55°C)
Enclosure rating See dimension chart
Weight See dimension chart
Shaft requirements See dimension chart
35 & 300 in-lb UL, CE, cUL, C-tick
70, 133 in-lb UL, CE, cUL
Warranty 5 years



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