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Gaining Energy Efficiency via Automated Valves

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gaining Energy Efficiency via Automated Valves

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding control valve energy losses
  • Implementing an automatic boiler blowdown to save energy costs
  • Are your valves really closed?  Are you sure?
  • Are your steam traps leaking through?  New wireless detectors can alert you!
  • Are your automated valves working properly? Learn how you can test them automatically.

What You Will Learn: 

Valves play a very important role in controlling energy processes involving heating and cooling.  Applications range from heating and cooling a high rise office building to super-heated steam in a power plant.  The more we know about valve designs and automated valve systems, the more energy savings we can obtain. 

This webinar will address just a few of the many technology related solutions to getting your valves to perform at their highest efficiency.  There are a lot of relatively inexpensive ways to monitor your valves performance, some even via wireless networks.  

The bottom line is “Valves Can be a Huge Energy Waster” and we should raise their priority level to minimize these energy losses.  Today’s energy costs are rising and will continue to rise, so implementing a “Valve Energy Awareness” initiative in your company will be time well spent!

Who should attend? 

  • Commercial building facilities HVAC engineers and maintenance
  • Plant energy maintenance planners
  • I & E Supervisors – Energy Costs Related
  • Plant engineering and maintenance  - Energy Costs Related

Larry Boyd

Larry has more than 30 yrs of experience in applying valve technology in a wide variety of vertical markets.  Larry works closely with plant maintenance and engineering staffs to maximize their valve automation performance utilizing the latest proven technologies.  His webinars are informative, yet easy to understand for the novice.

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