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APEX: The Future of Industrial Project Execution (NC/SC Only)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

About this Webinar:

Complex projects carry significant risk of failure. Legacy project execution models have been linear, rigid, and rely on milestones that depend on the completion of previous phases. Little parallel work is typically possible, and late changes in data or re-work cannot be easily accommodated.

To reduce these risks, decrease project time, and increase productivity, companies are beginning to use agile project execution.

Attend this webinar and learn how and why:

  • Conventional project execution no longer works
  • Agile Project Execution reduces risks associated with planning, scheduling and implementing automation projects
  • Using Agile Project Execution allows you to rearrange your project schedule to take advantage of new technologies

Eugene Spiropoulos
Product Manager

Eugene is a Technical Solutions Consultant at Yokogawa Corporation of America, focussed on the DCS control solutions, and added value applications.

Eugene comes from a chemical and process engineering background, previously working as a lead engineer in the dynamic process simulation industry. He led successful projects in the refinery and petrochemical sector before joining Yokogawa. His process engineering experience extends to Gas Oil Separation, LNG Liquefaction, Crude Stabilization, and pipe-line operations.

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