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KMC Controls CTC-5500 Series Two‑Pipe Room Thermostat, Single Setpoint

Two‑Pipe Room Thermostat, Single Setpoint
CTC-5500 Series

The CTC-5500 series room thermostats are designed for use in HVAC systems for the control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators. They are fully proportional, two-pipe relay thermostats which require main air at the thermostat. Offering acute accuracy, small size, and simplistic design, they are single setpoint units for either direct or reverse acting. The removable cover allows access to the adjustment screw if recalibration if required. An optional setpoint cover may be added on top to conceal the setpoint adjustment.

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Cat #Descriptions
CTC-5501-10Direct acting, ° F, ash white
CTC-5501-11Direct acting, ° C, ash white
CTC-5502-10Reverse acting, ° F, ash white
CTC-5502-11Reverse acting, ° C, ash white
CTC-5511-10Direct acting, ° F, light almond
CTC-5511-11Direct acting, ° C, light almond
CTC-5512-10Reverse acting, ° F, light almond
CTC-5512-11Reverse acting, ° C, light almond
Supply Pressure 20 psig (137 kPa) operating, 30 psig
(207 kPa) maximum
Air Consumption 20.16 scim @ 20 psig (5.50 mL/s)
Range 60° F to 90° F (15° C to 32° C)
Proportional Band 4° F (2.2° C)
Material Ash white or light almond, flame retardant plastic
Cover Type Full, w/o thermometer
Temperature Limits
Operating 40 to 120° F (4 to 49° C)
Shipping –40 to 140° F (–40 to 60° C)

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