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KMC Controls CTC-1611/1612 One-Pipe Room Thermostat, Direct and Reverse Acting

One-Pipe Room Thermostat, Direct and Reverse Acting

These thermostats are designed for proportional control of pneumatic valve and damper actuators used in HVAC systems. A highly sensitive bimetal element with feedback is used for accuracy and stability. An external restrictor is required in the supply line. Select the model for direct or reverse-acting proportional action. The throttling range is factory set and field adjustable. Item is pictured with optional cover and scale plate assembled. The scale plate assembly and a cover must be ordered separately (see Accessories section).

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Cat #Descriptions
CTC-1611Direct acting
CTC-1612Reverse acting
Setpoint Range 55 to 85° F (13 to 29° C),
adjustable via slider; adjustment may be concealed and locked or limited
Throttling Range 3 to 12° F (1.7 to 6.7° C)
factory set @ 3° F, field adjustable up to 12° F
Calibration 9 psig (62 kPa) branch pressure
Air Supply Pressure 20 psig (138 kPa); 30 psig (207 kPa) maximum supplied through 14.4 scim (3.9 mL/s) restrictor sold separately
Base Material Black ABS
Temperature Limits
Operating 40 to 120° F (4 to 49° C)
Shipping –40 to 140° F (–40 to 60° C)

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