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KMC Controls CCE-3000 Series Single / Multi-Stage P-E Relays

Single / Multi-Stage P-E Relays
CCE-3000 Series

The KMC CCE-3001 is a single-stage pneumatic-electric relay designed for applications where a single pneumatic single requires one predetermined air pressure setting to actuate an electrc switch. The CCE-3002 is a two-stage pneumatic-electric relay, and the CCE-3003 is a three-stage pneumatic-electric relay. These relays are designed for applications where a single pneumatic air signal requires two or three predetermined air pressure setting, each acutuating its own electric switch. Models are not position sensitive and may be mounted on surface or in bulk heads. Their electrical ratings make them ideal for applications such as starting fan terminals or controlling one, two, or three stages of electric heating or refrigeration.


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Cat #Descriptions
CCE-3001One stage
CCE-3002Two stage
CCE-3003Three stage
Setpoint Range : 2 to 20 psig (14 to 138 kPa)
Differential: Fixed differential, 1 to 2 psi nominal (7 to 14 kPa)
Pressure Max: 30 psig maximum (207 kPa)
Air: 3/16" (5 mm) nipples for 1/4"
(6 mm) OD polyethylene tubing
Electrical: 1/4" quick-connect terminals
Switching Action: SPDT on each stage
Electrical Ratings: 25 amps each switch (non-inductive)
120/240/277 VAC, 1 hp @ 125 VAC, 2 hp @ 250 VAC, 750 VA pilot duty
Housing: Black polycarbonate
Diaphragm: Silicone
Temperature Limits:
Operating: 40 to 150° F (4 to 60° C)
Shipping: –40 to 150° F (–40 to 60° C)
Approval Listings: CSA and UL Recognized

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