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Johnson Controls VG7000 Series Bronze Control Valves

Bronze Control Valves
VG7000 Series

VG7000 Series Bronze Control Valves are designed primarily to regulate the flow of water and steam in response to the demand of a controller in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. These valves are available in Normally Open (N.O.), Normally Closed (N.C.), and three-way mixing configurations. Both electric and pneumatic actuators are available for factory or field mounting.








Features Benefits
Complete Family of 1/2 through 2 in. Bronze Valves, Brass and Stainless Steel Trim, with Several Styles of Electric and Pneumatic
Offers a broad selection to choose from, including electric spring return actuators, a true 1-1/4 in. valve body, a 3/4 in. valve with small oval top actuator, and Stainless Steel (SS) trim capable of 100 psig (690 kPa) saturated steam
Flexible Features and Options Ordering Matrix Suits your specific application via thousands of easy-to-select, factory-assembled combinations
Standard Johnson Controls® Ring Pack Packings Provides industry-leading reliability and operating life
Testing for Tight Shutoff of Every Valve Provides energy conservation and ensures occupant comfort
Standard Bonnet and Stem Design Allows easy field retrofit, easy field mounting, and interchangeability of actuators with the use of standardized mounting kits

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7
Table 1Product Family
7Cast Bronze
Table 2Body Type
2Two-Way, Normally Open/Push-Down-to-Close
4Two-Way, Normally Closed/Push-Down-to-Open
5Two-Way Angle, Normally Open/Push-Down-to-Close
8Three-Way Mixing
Table 3End Connections
4Threaded National Pipe Thread (NPT)
5Union Globe/Union Angle (1/2 through 1-1/2 in. Body Sizes, PDTC Only)
7Union Sweat, 3/8 in. Tubing (1/2 in. Body Size Only)
8Union Sweat, Standard Tubing
9Union Sweat, 3/4 in. Tubing (1/2 in. Body Size Only)
Table 4Trim and Flow Characteristics
4Stainless Steel Linear (Three-Way Only)
3Stainless Steel Equal Percentage (Two-Way Only)
2Brass Linear (Three-Way Only)
1Brass Equal Percentage (All Two-Way and 1/2 in. Three-Way)
Table 5Size and Cv(Kv)
C1/2 in., 0.73 Cv (0.63 Kv)
E1/2 in., 1.8 Cv (1.6 Kv)
G1/2 in., 4.6 Cv (4.0 Kv)
L3/4 in., 7.3 Cv (6.3 Kv)
N1 in., 11.6 Cv (10.0 Kv)
P1-1/4 in., 18.5 Cv (16.0 Kv)
R1-1/2 in., 28.9 Cv (25.0 Kv)
S2 in., 46.2 Cv (40.0 Kv)
Table 6Stem Type
TStandard Threaded Stem (All Except V-3801, MP84,VA-8x2x)
SSlotted Stem and Small Bonnet (Factory-Mounted V-3801, VA-8x2x Only)
MLarge Threaded Stem (Factory-Mounted MP84 Only)
Table 7Actuator Mounting
+Factory-Mounted Actuator

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