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Johnson Controls V 2410 Three-Way Solenoid Air Valve

Three-Way Solenoid Air Valve
V 2410

The V-2410 Three-Way Multipurpose Solenoid Air Valve is used in applications where an electrical circuit operates a pneumatic control device. This valve diverts the air signal to the pneumatic device when the coil is energized or de-energized, depending on the choice of air connection.

• three air connections: - N.O. (normally open) - N.C. (normally closed), and COM (common)
• numerous mounting configurations
• compact size with durable, solid brass construction
• conduit adaptable to meet electrical code requirements (conduit housing style models only)
• readily adaptable air connections
• positive air seal
• can be used in smoke control applications

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Cat #StyleElectrical Termination.Electrical RatingsNominal Power Consumption
V-2410-1Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads24 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-2Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads120 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-3Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads208 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-4Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads240 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-5Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads277 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-6Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads480 V/50-60 Hz6.5 Watts
V-2410-7Conduit HousingThermoplastic Leads24 VDC5.7 Watts
V-2410-8YokePush-On Spade Terminal24 V/50-60 Hz8.0 Watts
V-2410-9YokePush-On Spade Terminal120 V/50-60 Hz8.0 Watts
Air Connections Conduit Housing Style Models N.O. 1/8 in. NPT
N.C. & COM. 1/8 in. NPT Barbed
Fittings for 5/32 or 1/4 in. O.D. Polytubing
Yoke Style
N.O., N.C.,& COM. 1/8 in. NPT
Operating Pressure 0 to 30 psig (0 to 210 kPa) Maximum
Leakage Internal None
Maximum 0.1 scim (0.03 mL/s) per Fitting Used
Ambient Operating Temperature Limits 32 to 130°F (0 to 54°C)
Materials Solid Brass Body
Wiring (Conduit Housing Style Models Only) Three 18 AWG
Thermoplastic Wires, 18 in. (457 mm) Long.
Agency Listings Conduit Housing Style Models UL and CSA Approved
Yoke Style Models UL and CSA Component

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