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Johnson Controls T-8020 Immersion Controller

Immersion Controller

The T-8020 Immersion Thermostat provides control of liquid temperatures. The T-8020 can function as a proportional, two-position, direct action, or reverse action instrument

• proportional sensitivity or two-position action selected from a marked rail. The rail is marked DA (Direct Acting) and RA (Reverse Acting).
• equipped with flexure levers to reduce hysteresis and friction
• gauge and set point dial are visible through the cover
• designed for direct mounting on the wall of a tank or in a pipe tee
• includes a separable element holder to facilitate installation
• equipped with 1/2 in. NPT connections. Air piping connects at the side of the thermostat.
• adjustable gain (proportional) or differential (two-position) by repositioning the sliding leakport

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