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Johnson Controls T-3311 Integral Thermostat and Piston Top Valve Actuator

Integral Thermostat and Piston Top Valve Actuator

The T-3311 is a combination pneumatic thermostat and valve actuator providing proportional control of a steam or water valve in a heating/cooling application. The T-3311 is designed for use on a valve-controlled terminal air conditioning unit.

• available in Direct-Reverse acting or Reverse-Direct acting
• equipped with liquid filled bulb temperature measuring element
• includes a built-in restrictor in the supply air connection
• equipped with an external set point adjustment
• fits any Johnson Controls 1/2 in. through 2 in. NPT normally open, normally closed, or mixing valve which takes a V-3000-1 actuator only
• includes a protective snap-on cover
• factory set for a nominal adjustment of ± 7.5°F (± 4°C)
• includes pointer tabs to restrict the temperature adjustment range to as little as ± 2.5°F (± 1.4°C)
• requires dual supply air pressures of 15 and 20 psig (105 and 140 kPa)

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Cat #Descriptions
T-3311-1Direct Acting 15 psig,
T-3311-1Reverse Acting 20 psig
T-3311-2Direct Acting 20 psig,
T-3311-2Reverse Acting 15 psig

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